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Now that Piece Of Me in Vegas is over and Britney is no longer performing do you regret not appreciating the residency as much?

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Considering everything I know now, not really! However I wish I wasn't as ignorant as I've been by critizing her outfits as much as I did... I mean, it's not like we're talking about high quality outfits, but this very video: 

Made me realize how good she actually looked! I kept judging her outfits based on amateurs pics and vids and I've been such a fool! I really hope the whole concert will leak so that I can see how the other outfits looked like. Again, we're not talking about high quality outfits but they look much better compared to amateur stuff we got for 4+ years.

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3 minutes ago, Slayer said:

I loved it while it was happening, it was a huge step up dancing wise and personality wise since the c-ship started. I loved POM.

I agree. I know it’s hard to say because of everything that we know now but Britney truly delivered an amazing show and was that girl in Vegas! She started the trend for younger artists to go for a residency instead of touring. She is legendary and it makes me sad sometimes to think about it being my last chance to see her and not going. 

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I loved it! It was my 2nd brit concert and I was in the pits so I just remeber being so mesmerized. I didn't take any vid or pics because I wanted to take it her being so close to me that I could reach out and touch her.

Her outfits looked so much better in person and the experience was just insane. 

I also looked forward to all of us gathering when it was a show night to see new vids it was just a good time to enjoy together. 

Looking back it's also kind of sad that we had no idea what was to come and it was our last time being ignorantly bliss.




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1 hour ago, justin4britney said:

The fans don’t give her enough credit. They set these unrealistic expectations. 

I think she did enjoy the show at some point…I think when the it came to the POM tour is when she kind of checked out. 


I agree. Also them threatening to sue her i lr she didn’t. It probably was a very large eye opener for her as to what was truly happening behind the scenes. 

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