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There is a Severe Reason to Distrust Sam and these Videos Shockingly Explain It

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Please watch this deep dive no one else has done on Sam. I realize this may sound trite and odd, but I am quite nervous for Britney.

The videos are 4 parts:





I feel like with everything going on, Sam may be gay and just using Britney for fame and money. Nothing wrong with him being gay, but this is not ideal for Britney.

It makes no sense how he could not get her out of the conservatorship, do research, or let her know how to protest it unless it would benefit him. He never spoke out other than dissing Jamie.

The wedding made no sense and Britney didn't even know who was invited. Why was Selena and Ansel invited? Why did Britney question her own guests?

No one can confirm of deny seeing Britney these past 2 months. There are differing accounts.

All the videos of her are old.

Since Jamie has been out of the picture, Sam has been doing a lot of press (no Britney in site), getting more jobs, and is using Britney left and right.

For her birthday, he posted this which was quite cringe:


Also the question EVERYONE avoids answering: if Jamie Spears disallowed Felicia and everyone else near Britney to keep her isolated, why did he let Sam in so easily? Did they have some type of agreement? It makes no sense why he would approve him without a catch whilst letting everyone else disappear.

Britney has been isolated this past year, even from her own kids. I feel like the ***** are being used as blackmail or someone or multiple persons are trying to make her look unhinged to create a narrative. I feel like no one is truly helping Britney and she doesn't have good people around her. And that includes Sam.

Britney was sick multiple times without anyone to help. Sam has been gone a lot. She is done with the industry but it's odd she isn't with events with Sam.

I feel sick to my stomach and hope nothing bad happens to her and she is OK.

Sam's sisters on their IG all refer to Britney and Sam's wedding as Sam's wedding. Weird.

I just find it so odd how prior to the Free Britney movement, Britney fans were viewed as crazy by the general public and now post-movement the general public is worried and Britney fans think the general public is crazy.

There is also countless divisions within the Britney community of fans turning the other cheek, criticizing other Britney fans for being worried, and having a differing opinion counts as being loony. 

Why can't we be worried? Has Britney been coerced not to talk? What happened to her book? Why did she promote Jamie-Lynn and post her which made JL trend on Twitter and talk about her new show? Something odd is going on whether y'all want to admit it or not.

This whole thing reminds me of the movie Captivity.

Whether you all want to admit it or not, something is amiss.

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I think Sam is a nice guy but… if there’s anything I’ve learned about being a fan is that the circus is never over. Say I’m a bad fan if you want but I dont trust anybody that’s in her life. I hope I’m wrong to be skeptical. 

He’s not gay though. He had a girlfriend before Britney. Weren’t there rumours that he cheated or something?

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I think a lot of loyal Britney fans know that something’s going on with her for quite a while, and that she is not in the best spirit she’s been (comprehensive). I am not a doctor but I feel she needs medication that she is not taking right now and a lot of other fans think she just needs to live her life as she wants… but maybe that’s not the solution! I truly hope she gets the help she needs because mental health is a tricky business and even if it can be stabilized easily, the doctors can’t help her unless she lets them do so… 💙

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I’m not watching those

I’m getting sick and tired of the Sam hate and the BAnon that’s been going on recently. I know the Sam hate has been there since they started dating, but it seems like lately it’s every other post.

Can’t you find something more constructive and fulfilling to do than speculate about someone’s mental state or the people she chooses to have in her life? Especially since you personally don’t know her nor are you her doctor and 99.9% of the time not a licensed doctor.

Also, not every single person Britney interacts with is out to get her. She’s wanting to overcome that fear, and you’re not helping her do that by questioning every single person that gets close to her. Let Britney decide who she can trust or wants in her life. Britney is NOT an invalide, she can make her own decisions. Questioning who she surrounds herself with makes you no better than her father, sorry not sorry, it had to be said.

I’m very happy she disabled her comments finally. Enough of that BAnon crap and spamming her Instagram asking if she’s ok. She doesn’t want concern or pity for every post she makes, she just wants to do what she wants to do. I think the disabling of the comments should be a sign for some of you that enough is enough and this bs can’t go on any longer. She doesn’t want to see it, so leave her alone.

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I regret fanning the flames of these conspiracies. The #FreeBritney people who aren't at all Britney fans and who are conspiracy theorists are unbearable. A woman who has been struggling with bad mental health is not a conspiracy theory and it's disgusting to turn it into that - like pizza gate or whatever - it's a real persons life dealing with actual pain and so much trauma.

I'm so tired of this ****.

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All these videos are super close ups of these morons and they’re speaking in a hysterical and fast tone with “creepy” mystery music in the background.

It’s all for clicks, it’s all for likes, it’s all unsubstantiated garbage, it’s INSULTING to Britney and the man SHE has picked to marry. Her longest partner/relationship ever. If someone was ****ting on my partner of 6+ years I’d hate them. 

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1 minute ago, KrisJ said:

Stop posting IDIOTS from TikTok!! 

“we haven’t seen or heard from her” 

yeah - we have - we’ve even seen fan videos and pics of her on her holidays. 

This is an example of something that shouldn’t be on exhale. Insane theories and inane speculation 

Exactly! We just saw her like what? Two weeks ago? She doesn’t need to come out of her house and walk up to the gates and greet everyone to show that she’s alive.

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1 minute ago, Hole Pwincess Hell said:

I'm so tired of this ****.

But didn’t you post the other day about the green screen conspiracy and a post taking Sam’s words out of context? I’m just saying, if you’re tired of it, then don’t feed into it. Not trying to being mean so I apologize if it comes off that way, but I’m just saying it doesn’t help matters.

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