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14 hours ago, mhally said:

Alright, so I work in clothing store and I like to think of myself as someone who knows a thing or two about giving out styling advice :barbie_hair_flip_hairflip_weave_proud_cocky: Objectively, I think Jamie Lynn looks rather good here; that black leather with the blonde hair and natural make-up works for her. I might have opted for a (sleek) ponytail instead as I think that would have suited the style of her outfit better. It seems she’s wearing a satin top; I’d have gone with perhaps a black lace or a sparkly top to get a bit more umph and contrast between fabrics going on. Furthermore - and I’m being a bit nit picky here - it’s pretty clear different types of leather have been used for the trouser and the jacket. For example, you can see that the black of the jacket is slightly more mat than the black of the trouser. This ensemble isn’t sold or was made as a two-piece and it kind of shows. Again, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but… using leather with a similar thickness, etc. would have been a bit more sophisticated. The shoulder pads on her jacket are a nice way to get proportions going on with the curves on her hips and thighs. I would have liked for the fringe on the jacket to be a bit bigger and more outspoken - we’re doing red carpet after all. I like the pant, but here’s what bothers me a bit: Jamie Lynn isn’t the tallest and the specific cut of this trouser makes her look a bit stalky. This is a very chic and sophisticated look for her, but perhaps a pant that’s slightly more tailored would have snatched it all a bit better. All in all, pretty solid look for JL. :verycool_britney_nod_glory_yes_yas_mhmm::saycheese_make_me_mm_hat_smile_peace_sign_grin_glory_britney:

I’d read this blog! That was really interesting


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11 hours ago, x.rox said:

Yes. Literally singing praises of someone is indeed saying good things about someone. In this context, the OP is praising her looks. You’re welcome.

I didn't  praise her look. Go reread it and then check the meaning. English is not my language still i know the meaning and context. 

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