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If you had the chance to hang out with Britney, what would you say to not sound like a desperate fan?


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I mean, only @Jordan Miller can tell us the shady side. :jordan-perfume:

However, I would probably start by saying how happy I am to finally meeting her. I would ask her if she wants to go out for a Starbucks with me and just do normal things. We can put a wig on and some glasses to sneak outside and do some pics for Insta.
Yeah… and if I had to receive the green-light, I would probably ask her about her favorite scene from Jennifer Lopez ‘Boy Next Door’ movie & just feeling ourselves about Xtina’s dancers. To conclude our meeting, I would tell her about the millions of fans around the world that she inspired and how grateful we are for her.💕

What about you? If you had the chance to hang out with Britney, what would you say to not sound like a desperate fan?

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7 minutes ago, blackingouthenegativity said:

The only thing I would say to her about her/her career is that I am inspired to be half as strong as she is. 

But honestly, I would love to talk small talk... from food, books, clothes, etc. She is just so fascinating that I could talk to her about the weather forecast and be the happiest gay of all time. 

She posts so many interesting stuff on her insta, you could tell she’s very down to earth and easy going. :overwhelm_beyonce_ashamed_lol_embarrassed_telling_talking:

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34 minutes ago, Style. said:

It would be hard not to because the song it’s probably the most wanted by any Barmy.

I don't think that song would be a smash hit, sorry. It's not dancey, there is no highlighted vocals, the lyrics are total paranoia and it's like she is singing from inside a barrel, but I understand that people get curious about it because we only have access to a few seconds of that track. Rebellion it's all about hype of this fanbase, just that. I prefer Soda Pop. It's just my unpopular opinion about her work. It wasn't finalized and I would problably love it after a good edition.

To tell you the truth, I would use this time for a better personal purpose, I would problably give her some songs I'm composing to try to make her record them. It would be a dream to be a part in one of her projects, even if its a bonus track released in the moon.

Ps: If I was going to ask about a song of that time it would be "Little Me" that is a really beatiful ballad and deserved a full version of it. 

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