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Sam shares statement on Britney: "She has her voice and is a free woman," Britney Returns To Instagram:

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Britney herself can shot down all the crazy conspiracies out there with short live stream or some Instagram video instead of using Sam. Sam desperately tried to do live streams. Probably he became sick of these endless stupid rumors about him and Brit. But people won't buy Sam's words for it neither am I. It's only fueling to rumors about he is on charge of Brit. I personally understand that Britney now too anxious to do interview but unfortunately they won't understand. She can do whatever she wants. But it is what it is. They won't stop.


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They don't need to understand fan's perspectives. I honestly think she's free & well...just dealing with incredible trauma & trust issues are making healthy coping mechanisms tough. 

With that said...she spent a lot of years during the conservatorship playing along in front of the camera & acting like things were good. Whether that's because she was being threatened/coerced or she just thought it was easier to go with it because she thought showing cooperation might get her released... her credibility has been destroyed with a lot of fans. They thought something was wrong (#freebritney) & it turned out there was. That opens the door to people worrying now, especially as she's decided to keep Instagram operating pretty much the same as it had been. 

Again...it's not her job to care what fans are feeling about the situation...or do anything to try to fix it. I'm just saying there are reasons people worry. 

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