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The Annual Exhale Music Awards 2022! NOMINATIONS ARE OUT!

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Are we recording? Alright..


Hello everyone :katyclown:

And welcome to the second launch of the much-awaited Exhale Exclusive, The Exhale Music Awards! :kylie: 

Last year, we weren't able to conduct the ceremony as it was my hiatus era and time could not permit the expression of my art :wontcry_tears_crying_sad:However, I am back this time around and am beyond excited to be hosting this event that brings the entirety of this fragmented and messy site together :runga_stupid_love_gaga_running_away_bye_pink_chromatica:  This award show celebrates all of the pop stars we have stanned, all the songs we have been jamming too, and the albums that have been playing non-stop on our Spotify, Itunes, and Deezer in the past year that was 2022 :liberatedaf: 

I'm also looking for a fellow member who'd like to conduct this event with me! So if you're interested and your time is lenient enough, you can always let me know :kisses_britney_kiss_blow_womanizer_love_circus:2008:

I will be curating the nominations on the foundation of popularity, impact, critical acclaim, critics year-end lists, other sites, and the opinions of members in the site! The rules are the same as before and are pretty simple. Although, we have eliminated certain categories (such as the disco, alternative and rock categories) for the sake of a shorter but more fun-filled event :mhm::

  •  Each category will have 5 or more nominations depending on their format
  • Those who are interested in participating should inform me in this thread by tagging my account-Blackout2006 so you can be registered!
  • We will be voting for 16 categories (11 have been eliminated and a new one has been additionally created)
  • You must vote for 10/15 categories for your vote to be eligible for recording.
  • The nomination list will be out by the end of this week! I'd also like to hand out this opportunity for members to suggest possible nominations for each category. You're contribution will be appreciated From The Bottom of my Broken Heart :)
  • Everyone will have to DM/PM me their votes. Please do not put your votes publicly as that will spoil the anticipation.
  • I may change plans by creating a form in where you can simply vote and call it a day for the sake of convenience!
  • Bribing is not accepted! :ban_britney_ff_femme_fatale:
  • There will be a red carpet 10 minutes before the ultimate ceremony happens so prepare a look! :bwink_britney_pepsi_wink_black_and_white_bw_flirt:
  • Enjoy the ceremony! <3

Here are the categories we will soon be voting for :clap::

  1. Album of the Year

“Renaissance”- Beyonce

“The Loneliest Time”- Carly Rae Jepsen

“Silk Sonic”- Bruno Mars & Anderson Paak

“Dawn FM”- The Weeknd

“MOTOMAMI”- Rosalia

“Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers”- Kendrick Lamar

“Caprisong”- FKA Twigs

“Harry’s House”- Harry Styles

“Laurel Hell”- Mitski

“Love Sux”- Avril Lavigne

“Crash”- Charli XCX

“Hold The Girl”- Rina Sawayama

“Midnights”- Taylor Swift

“SOS”- Sza

“Fossora”- Bjork

“Un Verano Sin Ti”- Bad Bunny

  1. Song of the Year

“Cuff It”- Beyonce

“Hold Me Closer”- Elton John Ft. Britney Spears

“The Loneliest Time”- Carly Rae Jepsen Ft. Rufus Wainwright

“Bad Habits”- Steve Lacy

“As It Was”- Harry Styles

“Super Freaky Girl”- Nicki Minaj

“Take My Breath”- The Weeknd

“About Damn Time”- Lizzo

“Glimpses of Us”- Joji

“Free Yourself”- Jessie Ware

“Hold The Girl”- Rina Sawayama

“Anti-Hero”- Taylor Swift

  1. Female Artist of the Year

Taylor Swift


Avril Lavigne

Ava Max

Rina Sawayama




Charli XcX

Kim Petras


  1. Male Artist of the Year

Sam Smith

The Weeknd

Kendrick Lamar

Bruno Mars


Charlie Puth

Jack Harlow

  1. Music Video of the Year

“Sacrifice”- The Weeknd

“Bejewelled”- Taylor Swift

"Maybe You're The Problem"

“Music in a Sushi Restaurant”- Harry Styles

“UNHOLY”- Sam Smith Ft. Kim Petras

“Super Freaky Girl”- Nicki Minaj

“Left and Right”- Charlie Puth Ft. Jungkook

“She’s All I Wanna Be”- Tate McRae

“Made You Look”- Meghan Trainor

  1. Best Pop Record

"Renaissance"- Beyonce

"The Loneliest Time"- Carly Rae Jepsen


"Hold The Girl"- Rina Sawayama

"CRASH"- Charli XCX

"Dawn FM"- The Weeknd

"Harry's House"- Hary Styles

"Dance Fever"- Florence + The Machine

  1. Best Pop Tune

“Late Night Talking”- Harry Styles

“Virgo’s Groove”- Beyonce

"Maybe You're The Problem"- Ava Max

“Beach House”- Carly Rae Jepsen

“I’m Good (Blue)”- David Guetta Ft. Bebe Rexha

“She’s All I Wanna Be”- Tate McRae

“Disaster”- Conan Gray

“Hold Me Closer”- Elton John Ft. Britney Spears

ld Me Closer”- Elton John Ft. Britney Spears

  1. Best Indie Pop Song

“Catch Me in the Air”- Rina Sawayama

“Should’ve Been More”- Mitski

“Surrender My Heart”- Carly Rae Jepsen

“Sidelines”- Phoebe Bridgers

“She’s All I Wanna Be”- Tate McRae

“TV”- Billie Eilish

“Killing Me”- Omar Apollo

“Billions”- Caroline Polachek

  1. Best Movie Soundtrack

“The Batman”

“Top Gun: Maverick”


“Minions: The Rise of Gru”

“Turning Red”

“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”

  1. Best K-pop Group

Stray Kids






Red Velvet

  1. Best Song to Dance to

“Skate”- Bruno Mars & Anderson Paak

“Break My Soul”- Beyonce

"Weapons"- Ava Max

“Hold Me Closer”- Elton John Ft. Britney Spears

“Sweetest Pie”- Dua Lipa Ft. Megan Thee Stallion

“About Damn Time”- Lizzo

“Super Freaky Girl”- Nicki Minaj

“Free Yourself”- Jessie Ware

  1. Best Latin Song

 "Bailé Con Mi Ex"- Becky G

"Otro Atardecer"- Bad Bunny & The Marias

“LA FAMA”- Rosalia Ft. The Weeknd

“Provenza”- Karol G

"Nos Comemos Vivos"- Maluma feat. Chencho Corleone,

“La Reina”- Christina Aguilera

  1. Favourite Genre of the Year






Indie Pop



  1. Worst Song of the Year

“Unholy”- Sam Smith Ft. Kim Petras

“Music in a Sushi Restaurant”- Harry Styles

“Doja”- Central Cee

“Twinkle Twinkle”- Leah Kate

“Mona Lisa”- Lil Pump


  1. Least Memorable Artist of the Year


Lil’ Pump

DJ Khaled

Leah Kate


Chris Brown


***Nomination List: December 9 (Friday), 2022 II 11 AM, E.S.T (Eastern Time)***

***Awarding Ceremony: December 27th (Friday) , 2022 II (2 PM EST)***

I have tagged people who I feel will be interested in participating and previous participants! If you want to participate, please let me know and I will register your name in the box below :kisses2all:

People who may be interested:


@dbagswag@Isla @Itachi@holditagainstbritney @Haha-Hehe-Haha-Ho @blackoutbixxh @Midnight   @YvonneSpears @Iconic 4 U  @Katyyy @itsrichii***** @Thelegendarybritney @U_WannaLiveFancy @Mainshow @Corso  @dbagswag @BuckyKatt @MrPieceOfMe @Makemeooh @umr3000  @Style.@iAlwaysSingLive@filmandstage13 @BUWYGF @blackoutbixxh @PokemonSpears @godneyjspears@Britney'sBish@Commotion@David Rose@TheoDoor@georgiaterri@LikeShatteredGlass@Cinderella85@CrazyKindaGurl@patience darling@everybodygoesdown@mihai.serban@MoonMan@CripplerCrossface@Towelney @Midnight@TheGrandeLife@JustLuvMe07@PokemonSpears @Paolo94 @Louis_j @Peter Pan@GLOOMINATI@ColdAsFire88@kasavas @Blackout2006 @babyimmafreak90 @Towelney @Angels970 , @DignifiedLove,@CrazyButItFeelsAllright @Cheshire-B

@godneyjspears, @Hooked-On-Knee, @CrazyButItFeelsAllright, @MrPieceOfMe, @bas che, @SlaymeMore, @Theo04t, @Marges@Geralt_of_Rivia, @alexxxx , @MSTAR, @AGUILEGEND IS A QUEEN, @Popcornie, @Britney-fan12332143, @LaLisaManoban, @Groundbreaking, @VanillaCandlez@Itachi, @kasavas, @Urbanney, @MissSpearsSaysSo, @vinay, @InTheZone4Life, @Invitation, @vzlafan, @Paolo94, @Cedar Lane, @VCTR, @mihai.serban, @DjRobney, @justiceforglory@sanpedro@iAlwaysSingLive,@Alejandromc, @allthat88, @Xfactor Sam @Britneyarmy8, @Barajas,  @jonjon2000, @Midnight, @CripplerCrossface

@MoonMan, @Isla@BUWYGF@Thelegendarybritney, @Slayer, @Towelney, @King Sleezy Style, @TheySayImCrazy18, @Iconic 4 U @Henry. @GlitterRain @Rik vs Exhale @SlayOut @i sometimes sing live

Confirmed Participants:


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1 hour ago, Style. said:

Are you sure bribing is not accepted? :emma: Anyway, even tho I’m currently traveling keep me updated!:kiss_britney_blowing_pink_candies:

SUPER FREAKY GIRL FLUKESONG OF THE YEAR! :lemmetellu_telling_preaching_yelling_talking_points_finger:

Well...if the offer is too good, then you know.. :emma:

Thanks Queen! You needn't have to vote but I'll tag u on the day of nominations and the ceremony :clap_clapping_britney_xfactor_red_excited_yay_cheer:

Also, SFG is definitely coming, first insider tea TRUST :lemmetellu_telling_preaching_yelling_talking_points_finger:

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