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Why hasn't Britney said anything about Lutfi?

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Because I think her family used him as the weapon to get her under the c-ship.

She tried to reach out to him during the c-ship, so I have a feeling she still had a fondness for him.  Maybe she’ll discuss him in the book.  Maybe he wasn’t as bad as we think.  Courtney’s claims still make me super sus about him tho.

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9 hours ago, 3IsACharm33 said:

Why are you bringing this man up? He has no relevance to Britney life at all.

He has HUGE relevance to Britney's life; he was the one involved in Britney's life during her downfall.

I agree with the OP it's strange B hasn't mentioned him same with Jason Alexander she hasn't refuted anything he's said online this last year or two. 

Probably saving it for her book.

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7 hours ago, Britney4President said:

She did in the mtv special … she let a lot of bad people into her life and she’s really paying for it now 

At the time it seemed she was talking about Lutfi but looking back I'm not 100% certain he's who this is reference to.

I don't believe she thinks he's as much of a villain as he's always been portrayed to be. Not to say he isn't sus, but I don't think she thinks he's that bad... nor do I think she even thinks he's all that important. But I would assume she will likely mention him in her book

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