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Which Britney Spears album deserved to be a visual album?

Which Britney Spears album deserved to be a visual album?   

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5 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

Definitely Glory.

First of all, because of how many songs it has, so we would've gotten more videos.

But also because every song is so different. There's so many styles and so many storylines that although different, could've told a story in the bigger picture. Or not necessarily, but it would've been a huge chance to experiment with many different styles and settings.

Man on the Moon could've been a very sci-fi ish video, while Liar could've been a Wild West kind of clip. Mood Ring could've been something very trippy with lots of visual effects. Coupure Électrique could've been a black and white video very sober. Better could've been a sunset at the beach. If I'm Dancing could've been a tropical video too but full of color. What You Need a vintage kind of video. Private Show a very **** and cheesy video. Invitation something more ethereal. Do You Wanna Come Over could've been along the lines of Womanizer.

Just every single song has a videoclip in my mind, except maybe Just Luv Me. Each video could've been directed by different people. Also, in my mind each song has like a different color, so that's why I picture them more easily. 

More cohesive albums like ITZ, FF or Blackout don't leave much room for variety. :yaknow_britney_xfactor_X_factor_talk_tell_chat_you_know:

Never thought about this but it’s quite interesting though. As a fan you’d want more material/visuals/styles and Glory definitely offers that. 

I guess it really is a matter of personal taste.

I imagine the Blackout visuals as a short film in which we get to know her in a difficult moment in her life initially. She would then go through different steps in finding a happier place which would be when she asks herself “Why should I be sad?”.

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3 minutes ago, Style. said:

You’ve got a creative mind. Glory is not my favorite album but I’m so here for your ideas. Just Luv Me could’ve been similar to California King Bed by Riri. :kiss_britney_blowing_pink_candies:

I think I've done this many times before, but I'll post it again just to kind of put an image to my ideas, and because I love procrastinating at work lol

The images are mostly to show the colors in my mind, and overall vibe of the video, not necessarily her looks.





Make Me...


again, talking more about the color scheme rather than the actual videoclip or setting


Private Show


well, I just wanted to post the picture because she looked great in the ad, but I imagine something more pinkish overall, like this color scheme



Man on the Moon

I don't have a Britney picture for this, but in my mind it's this kind of color combinations



Just Luv Me

I have the hardest time thinking of a video for this, but I guess it would be something very raw. No fancy costumes or sets, just like, Britney in her room, and showing clips of her relationship




This one is definitely green. I picture mostly a dance video, no storyline, kind of like 3, but visually the opposite, with it mostly black backgrounds and green lights  / lasers



Slumber Party

Well, I'll keep that video because it's what we already got. 



Do You Wanna Come Over?



Just like Me

This one is definitely on the orange tones. I see the video in a house in the middle of the desert, but not necessarily like the Glory photoshoot 



Love Me Down

This has to be more of a dance video too, kind of like Boys, taking place at night, but it could have different settings, with orange and pink highlights, but just to show something I'll post this lol


it would have to be more urban though


Hard to Forget Ya

This is definitely hot pink. But it could have both the dance scenes in a set and then intercalated with a bit of a storyline with a guy.



What You Need

This look exactly






Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)

This one would have more storyline, and it would have darker colors with brownish highlights here and there, I can't find the right picture, but I'll just put this for lack of better representation



Just imagine your typical wild west movie, but it would have various scenes. A dance scene with Britney wearing her classic jeans from the Britney era, and some **** solo shots, but in the storyline she would be a badass cowgirl that finds her man cheating on her at the saloon, and she beats the crap out of him, and at the end in the outro she's riding a horse while dragging the man tied in ropes through the desert into the horizon. 



If I'm Dancing

This has to take place in Hawaii or Thailand or some beautiful beach, just a big choreo video, with lots of colors and dresses and ribbons and stuff. It would have scenes from both daylight and night.




Coupure Électrique

Black and white. It could be something more mysterious


or more ****



Mood Ring

Very trippy, mostly black but with lots of lights of different color, lots of visual effects, image distortion, etc 



for the 2020 songs I didn't have the chance to think of many visuals, so it's impossible not to think of the cover 

Swimming in the Stars 




I can't picture a videoclip for this either, but I guess I would put Britney in 5 different settings with each of the guys. She would have to wear something black for sure :brityes_britney_yes_nodding:



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9 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

wait wait, I just had an idea for Matches lol she would be a fancy rich lady cheating on her husband with each of the guys. They would all play different roles: the yoga instructor, the driver, the husband's boss, the pool cleaner, etc :haha_britney_laugh_lol_lmao_hehe_haha_bw_black_white:

I tried to embed your comments in the OP as an example but it’s not working. I love your video concepts! Thanks for sharing!!:barbie_hair_flip_hairflip_weave_proud_cocky::kiss_britney_blowing_pink_candies:

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11 hours ago, Peter Pan said:

Not my personal favorite album but In the Zone would probably be best for a visual album. Diversity and Britney was feeling that album.

Blackout and Glory would be great too but performance wise she was just better during ITZ

In The Zone visuals would’ve been amazing! :bow_bowing_orange:

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12 hours ago, IsraeliMatt said:

In the Zone and that's absolutely not my favorite of her albums. Even the songs I dislike on that album would make for interesting visuals. I recognize also that it's one of her top albums to the public and fanbase. 

This 10000%. I know it's her best album but I'd say it's my 4th favorite. But it'd be an amazing visual album. 

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