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#FreeYourBritney Campaign

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I just finished reading this god awful NY Post its’ comments and then of course the comments of “so called fans” and it made me realize those that are comfortable with their bodies should start a campaign of “Freeing their Britneys” in response to the haters in instagram. 

TAKING NON PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS OF YOU NAKED DOES NOT MAKE YOU CRAZY. WOMEN (and people for that instance) ARE NOT CRAZY FOR TAKING noodez. Your mental health is not tied to your clothes being on and stop expecting a multimillion dollar popstar who was trafficked and milked like a cash cow to think like you. I just think people love being negative and hating on her. 

Also she isn’t seeking attention. She already has that

@AmandaLick @GlitterRain @JayTawndre 

Should we free our Britneys?

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9 minutes ago, easy said:

if taking amateur ***** means you're in a mental health crisis i wonder what the ny post has to say about onlyfans

People literally do the craziest things on those onlyfans accounts :roxxy: inserting foreign objects in your gaping holes? Check :unbothered_apple_chew_bite_hair_eat_chomp_red: being dumpster for 25+ people? Check :weusay_tiffany_cackle_cackling_chuckle_giggle_lol_haha_hehe_laugh: Doing some very questionable role playing? Check :teigen_chrissy_eek_awkward_um_cringe:


But when Britney shows her body and even censors herself, she's suddenly unhinged? Some people need to do reality check :typing_keyboard_computer:

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2 hours ago, icybaby said:

Being naked is not for everybody for sure. It is a choice. Celebs like Kim K put their a$.$ets on display on a magazine cover. And ppl say nothing. Yet with Britney it is problem. She was chriticized for her very provocative mag covers and now for her insta pics. Nothing new.

**** kim kardashian GIF


Exactly. She liked being naked before the conservatorship so all of this isnt new. Theres just instagram. 

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