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NY POST: Somebody stop Britney Spears’ out-of-control Instagram

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I don’t care what Britney does in her life. I’m so happy she gets the freedom to do WHATEVER she wants. I just cringe at the child like behavior and posts when a mature woman in her 40s shouldn’t have to feel like she needs to show her body or call out celebrities who did nothing to her. It’s her prerogative to do such but she’s a public figure and when you compare her posts to that of other women her age it is a lot different so I get the shock value (although dated) However, she has been so sheltered and isolated that she’s probably resorting back to what she used to do before the conservatorship because she wasn’t given the skills or growth to be mature mentally. Which is why she’s so caught up on editing her images and calling out anyone and everyone, even those who were not associated with the conservatorship. 

I think she needs to be given more grace for the literal mental torture she’s been put through the last 20 years. I don’t have to agree with her outbursts but I definitely understand them. I just hope she’s doing something about it instead of letting it fester.

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1 hour ago, cchenbag said:

people here saying "its just NY Post" should read the comments on her pictures or search britney on twitter. Her legend image is melting because of that instagram... she has all the right to do what she wants and the right to not care, but it'll be hard to restore her image.

Why would she restore it if she doesnt care? 

I feel like the fans are worried and making all this fuss about her instagram cuz they want her to be successful again and i understand that, but shes made it very clear she no longer cares about being “britney the pop star” 

In fact, i feel like shes actually enjoying actively trying to leave behind even the last bit of that part of her, and after what she went through i completely understand and its gotta be therapeutic for her 

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