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Britney is a human just like us with feelings and the right to express herself

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Just now, easy said:

people here are more worried about her "image" than she is, and it speaks volumes to what and how they value her. i'm all for britney expressing herself however she chooses to. she's a grown woman, if she makes a mistake she deserves the grace to learn from and it and grow, like every other human on the planet. not be shamed, by her own fans nonetheless, and told how she should behave. that's for no one to decide, or judge, but her. regardless if she's a public figure or not.


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I don’t really care or mind, she can do whatever she wants she is a free woman and welp.. the public is once again turning against her due to the way she has freely chosen to cope with her issues.

Like someone pointed out above.. it was nice for a while having the public and media huge support during and briefly post #FreeBritney. Now it is awful to be a "stan" having to watch how the public and media are mocking her behavior on social media.

She is free now and that is all I care about.. even if I do not sympathize with the way she handles herself.. at least she is free and as a fellow human I wish her peace, healing and happiness.

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28 minutes ago, halfdressed said:

WE ALL ALREADY AGREE WITH THIS but she is making things 100x harder for herself despite the freedom and right to destroy your reputation. She needs to find other outlets. This is not helping her heal. It’s drawing a lot of negative attention. Why can’t people understand this. 

How is she ruining her reputation? Britney is being celebrated in the feminist and art communities for her Instagram. 
Why are people offended by her portraits?

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2 hours ago, Kaitlyn Johnson said:

Genuine concern isnt being negative. We don’t have to fawn all over everything she says or does. It’s the ride or dies that feel the need to attack anyone with a difference of opinion that are the negative ones. This is a very sad and difficult time to be a Britney Stan. 

I can only speak for myself but for me it's more so the constant need to bring up her mental health. You can disagree with her choices without saying she isn't well. 

It's a stigma people have used on women for years and as a woman it's offensive. I certainly didn't agree with her going after xtina but not once did I mention her mental health. 

It's like she can never say or do anything without someone thinking she is losing it again and the argument that comes up the most is the general public is going to see her as crazy and its like WHO CARES! Like seriously why do we care what they think. You're either going to support her or not.


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You'll never see it my way because you're not me -Britney 

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