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Do you agree with this IG comment?

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yes and no. britney has expressed a fear of the world, which explains why she isolates herself and feels "bored". however, britney wasn't allowed to be bored and feel anything for so long that sometimes feeling bored is just what someone needs for that moment. britney has a long journey of healing ahead of her, and going out and traveling isn't the perfect fix for it, and could be seen as avoiding her issues at home. going to mexico, the french polynesia, etc was already a step outside of her 13 year "norm". baby steps is key.

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4 minutes ago, Daniela.tomasseli said:

Yes I agree 100%. She needs to LIVE!

Twirling in her living room every day is not living.. that’s the same thing she did while being in a conservatorship.

I remember Britney complaining the maids got their nails done when she was in the C Ship and couldn't get her nails done.

In a recent post Britney talked about going weeks and weeks not getting her nails done, it's all a mystery at this point.

I understand not wanting to be around tons of people and trying to adjust, but is isolation healthy?

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Thats what many of us have been saying, instead of gleefully egging her on and begging her to divulge more. She needs to both respect her empire by not cheapening into instagram beef junk, and be proud of herself for her decades of dedication and see that the World is still her oyster. All the cheerleaders of the middle school level rants and cries for attention dont seem to understand that they stan and support Britney Spears, living legend who has changed the laws in this country twice now by her example not to mention is already up there for the list of most famous and accomplished young musicians ever to have existed—-and not some hoochie wannabe who needs trashy drama to get fame and climb the ladder.

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