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Dove Cameron releases sultry new song ‘Bad Idea’

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17 hours ago, Blackout2006 said:

No, not really.

The song is currently featured in 'Teen Beats' playlist with 6 million streams

OT: It's really so good! :rihannayas_weave_pull_cocky_smirk_proud: Hope it gets bigger

I like the song too!

But she deleted her songs pre-Boyfriend (which I loved) cause she probably wanted Boyfriend too look like it's her debut single since she's mainstream now

But her songs after Boyfriend had the same amount of success as her old ones

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I like dove. I love the vibe she give off ( I wouldn't mind britney return to have some of vibe and choices dove doing like blonde to black hair, sultry look)

I was out of disney by the time she arrive but hear of her and that she had a good voice, plus the story of her dad sad

I decide to listen to her first solo music when I heard she was sign to Columbia records ( Joint Venture with Disruptior Records)

I listen to her bloodshot/waste ep and thought it was ok ( I like bloodshot) I see the potential for her plus having come from disney she have a solid fan base.

The next couple of songs she released I wasn't  feeling but alot her core fan were liking so I thought she still going strong plus she had a show with marvel and still doing thing disney.

A lit time later after seeing her new look with jet black hair and the snippet of boyfriend, ok I might need to check out her music again

I like boyfriend when i first, the kinda haunting-edgey-seduction feel to the song had me intrigued, then watch some her live performances of the song as now become more of fan and excited to see her a new artist to enjoy 

I like breakfast as much as I like bloodshot ( put on from time to time but not big on rotation)

Now to the latest single: Bad Idea

After a few rotation of the song over the month I like it just as much as boyfriend. I can see it being just as successful as boyfriend but her where think things have not gone right with the promotion of doves latest singles

A Big problem to me is not strong radio play for the songs

Boyfriend : Reach number 16 on the hot 100, has gone platinum in the us, only was push on adult contemporary radio in the us

Had good like preformances to promote the song(  Glaad Awards, Ellen, Jimmy fallon, BBC Radio Lounge, VMA medley and Amas)

But boyfriend could've still gotten higher on the charts if columbia/disruptor had much on radio in the us like

Contemporary Hit Radio

Hot Adult Contemporary Radio

Top 40 Radio

The song could've peak in the top 10 of the 100 and gone 3x Platnium 

Breakfast: Didn't get no radio push really, No live performances besides her shows and the vma medley, didn't even make it on to the hot 100

Radio should've been:

Contemporary Hit Radio

Modern AC Radio

Hot AC Radio

Rhythmic/ Crossover Radio 

The song could've peak in the top 15 close to the top 10 on the hot 100, could've  gone platnium 

Bad Idea: Again no radio push, no live performances . To me it can become equal or more successful than boyfriend on the charts if promotion could've gone/ can go like this


EMA'S (should've had a medley of breakfast/bad idea)

AMA'S ( Bad Idea with a little snippet of boyfriend, she got to promote the late single)

Kelly Clarkson( she should've perform Bad Idea, then a duet version of boyfriend with kelly)

Jimmy Kimmel ( bad idea, intreview with jimmy)


Comtempary Hit Radio

Modern AC Radio

Hot AC Radio

Top 40 Radio

Adult Contempary Radio

Rhythmic Radio

Bad Idea could be in the top 10 of the hot 100 and reach 3x Platnium

It all comes to radio and some promotional choices to me why the single aren't doing well on the charts but dove in talented and gots momentum right now

Basic other songs that have been preview for album or ep( look up live on youtube and the web )

Girl Like Me

I know something you dont 

Do The Math

Made You Up In My head

Dozen Roses

Life Without Me

I think dove could be very successful going into 2023 releasing album or ep as long as she has a good radio deal for singles and great TV live perfomances( billboard, I heart radio, pcas, gma, late night shows) she could have a successful year



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    • Did not aged well?  What are hoi talking about? Womanizer, circus and iusa still sound fresh to me 
    • hes so full of it lol. meanwhile one of britneys dancers (one of the girls) is around his age is still dancing and working her *** off in piece of me (britney and everyone involved in that production). a production that helped pay for that home. 
    • 1) I don’t have any hatred towards the boys. SP is mentioned in this thread because he will be 18 first 2) the boys have no reason to feel guilty about the conservatorship and Britney doesn’t place any blame on them. Britney is saying “you’ve seen the abuse firsthand and I’ve explained my situation to you, but this is what you do?” And after everything, they still think that she belongs in that conservatorship. 3) Yes, we don’t know what Britney’s private interactions with the boys have been like outside of the clips they secretly recorded of her scolding them for being rude and disrespectful. They have absolutely no right to go to the media and make claims about the woman who birthed them and gave them every single thing that they have. If they have an issue with their mother, it should be handled PRIVATELY out of respect for their mother’s dignity and humanity. JJ did not need to say a word in that documentary. He didn’t even need to make an appearance, like SP didn’t. He chose to feed his mother to the wolves, and if he actually cared about her “getting better”, he would have continued on as he was, but out of the spotlight. There’s nothing wrong with the fact that they have a strained relationship. After all of this, that is to be expected. But she is their MOTHER. They know how the media has treated her, and yet they do this. It is a slap in the face. They have absolutely no right to disregard their mother’s humanity. They have no right to record her reprimanding them when they’ve legitimately done something wrong. She has a right to take away a cellphone as a punishment. She has a right to come in their room to put lotion on their faces before they go to bed. They are entitled to their feelings about that and more, but they have no right to slander her in the media when she had done no such thing to them. They do not only not respect her as a mother, but as a human being, and it is devastating. They didn’t ask to be here and neither did I. My life has been awful. I grew up in an abusive home with a highly dysfunctional family. I never would have done this.
    • Ok but before I read her caption I literally was thinking her hair looked so pretty in that bun
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