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Britney responds to Fe's handwritten letters interview, dances to Janet Jackson's "All Night"

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7 hours ago, Hamelia said:

She is making fun of you all including the people in her comment section! yellow, letters, slumber party, 12 years old, Selena's picture

I think she keeps you chasing down the rabbit hole. For me this is proof she is a step further in her healing process.  

I think she's worked out that they SAY they're unfollowing but somehow keep returning. She has them by the shortncurlies.

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1 hour ago, BananaBoy98 said:

Okay... but can someone explain the point of this answer? Did she get her letter?  Is the reaction negative or positive to Fe?

So this is nothing to do with the letters to her kids that were held back and then sold?

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48 minutes ago, Onyx_Zone-89 said:

1000 percent agree about everything but her Instagram. Someone is there behind the scenes encouraging her and telling her to post this stuff.  . . They're not on her side. It's continuing to paint Britney as the bat****. There's no way she's free,  her image is being manipulated by her Instagram.  Every video is of her spinning, and not making sense the majority of the time.  We haven't seen her new house really. All we see are old videos. Look at videos before in 2019, they weren't like this.  You all can call me crazy for this,  I don't care.  The original free Britney movement was called crazy and a conspiracy theory for many years.  She's not free. Look how NORMAL she is behind the scenes.. . Then look at her Instagram. It doesn't make sense and her image is being manipulated. 

You'd think that she'd mention that somewhere.

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4 hours ago, queenofhearts said:

why yall saying she's shading fe? all she did was explain, she knows people didn't get letters in the past, but they should now...some of yall are sensitive cry babies

She is tho she said "my old assistant" in another insta post. im not being a cry baby im pointing out not ok behavior idc if shes a popstar u dont disrespect anyone especially if they were so close for years. britney is pushing people away she only has her husband and prob few friends. i should know cause ive done the same thing britney is doing. by being bitter and mean.

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