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Britney responds to Fe's handwritten letters interview, dances to Janet Jackson's "All Night"

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I LOVEEEEEEEEE her hair!!!!!!  It finally looks so good and clean, and not with messy extensions or anything like that.   Girl is up to something :snooptoya_jackson_snooping_looking_magnifying_glass_glasses_search:

I wish she did an extended version of that hot All Nite choreography she did before in the studio before instead of this same dance over and over again lol

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4 hours ago, SJK said:

The comments. I’m gonna be the one to say it but she is literally destroying her legacy one post at a time.  

Don’t come for me as I’ve been a fan since her debut, but the General Public doesn’t see what we see. They see 2007 Britney. They want prime Britney and that just ain’t gonna happen. 

I personally love her IG and see her just living and learning her new freedom but can see why people have questions. 😏

I think that’s the most beautiful part of all of this, is that Britney doesn’t care, she wants her old image burnt to the ground

she just wants to spin and feel:mcry_mariah_carey_proud_beaming:

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i have to laugh at people believing the "wear yellow if you need help" conspiracy 

so, we're supposed to believe britney, who had no access to her socials at the time, read the comments and then wore yellow to indicate she needed help? 🥴

do y'all think there was "help" hidden in her eyelashes too? 911 hidden in her hat? if you're gonna be a cRiTiCaL tHiNkEr please actually THINK

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I think she looked great!!!! Although the yellow hello part is a choice and kind of goes to my theory that a lot of this is for attention and she’s intentionally stoking BAnon for whatever reason. Sighhh I hope someone doesn’t get hurt the way this continues. These people in the comments and Twitter are getting crazier and crazier. She’s just going to get more psycho stalkers like ( Jason A. )…

Oh My Reaction GIF by Outside TV

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