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Why does this fan base drool over attractive men and their bodies yet get upset when Britney shows her?

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3 minutes ago, aoki.loid said:

sometimes exhalers r just hypocrites 😓

like sometimes they do the exact same thing that 1 annoying interviewer (diana something i think 🤔) was ridiculing her about 🤭

I was looking through some comments and it’s just astonishing how much judgement she received by fans who will also comment something praising and inappropriate about another attractive male celebrity or male user on here. 

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36 minutes ago, GlitterRain said:

Let’s be real, the amount of comments that I see on here from male fans to other male fans commenting on their bodies or about other male body parts on revealing photos but will then attack Britney when she shows her body :calculating_confused_meme_blonde_math_woman_thinking_what:

Make it make sense? Why is it any different for Britney? Why is it okay for men to show their bodies yet it’s an issue when Britney does? :umsaywhat_adele_hmm_umm_thinking_confused_unsure:

I don’t think Britney has posted one of these type of photos in a while and I certainly hope that it’s not because she feels ashamed from all of the comments that she received by her own fans :lessons_preaching_telling_hand_smack:

I think a lot of it stems from us being protective of her and knowing exactly how the media is gonna react to it. I don’t mind her coochie on my feed I just can’t stand to see the ridicule I know she does and will get for it. That’s my feeling on it anyway idk.

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Us gay people are just unreliable :heresthetea_reading_telling_glasses_talking_preaching_facts_paper_wendy_williams: Ellen saved us all but now we all hate her because she forgot someone invited her to a birthday party :byesmoke_tiffany_miss_ms_ny_new_york_sitting_smoking_cigarette: I also have lost every man I’ve ever slept with because they said, “you’re just a hole” :sobbing_unbelievable_wow_head_shake_no_crying_sobbing_sad: WHEN WILL WE START LOOKING OUT FOR EACH OTHER??? 

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