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which britney do you choose?

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29 minutes ago, Britney's Bestie said:

@agustinmalandra i love britney but she now at almost 41 shes so different her personality now/ the way she words things on insta. i wonder what early '00s Brit wouldve been like on social media

she would've been the queen of media, her personality in the 02 to 2007 was epic, never the same, diva queen yet goofy and nice.


It's sad to see how she's behaving towards us, her fans... I mean, I understand and followed everything she's been through... but shading the FreeBritney movement and all of the fans that were there to help free her... and now just using awkwardly the social media to drag and be mad (which again, I could understand), shade fellow artists and, yet again, spin around in the same lame room, modeling with clothes that are basic - clothes that any of us could use, editing videos on NON PAID APPS and TAGS when SHE'S A STAR and could pay, in theory, anything she wants but: still no make up - or at least well done/professional, no high couture clothes, bad edited videos on non payed apps, filming ALWAYS on the same room in a house she, allegedly, moved from... etc... it's kinda sad.


Love her but c'mon, if y'all wanna come for me, do it... HOWEVER, let me read your opinions on the matter.


to sum up my opinion: I know she's angry, but I want her to know - if she's here... that I, as a fan since 2002, I'm angry too... I'm gonna respect her decissions and not tell her what she must do... but as a fan, in a forum, I'm allowed to share my thoughts - or at least I think I can - and they are that I'm angry at the way she communicates with us - the lack of communicating, the zero promo for HMC which made me doubt about why that song came out, the lack of interest in her husband live when she could just say hi, and I could go on.

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