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Why some people see Sam Ashgari as Gold digger

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Sam Asghari is either called by the General Public or some pop stan by Gold digger or Gay in the closet!

Usually most of the comments are s**ist they think this way due to the age gap of 12 years I wouldn't think people would say the same thing when a female marry someone older than her by 12 years! Addionally, Britney being richer and famous is another reason for Sam to be looked at in this way. 

My thoughts about the relationship: Do I trust Sam 100% ? not really 

If I was a celebrity in the status of Britney I would date someone in the status of George Clooney, Leonardo Dicaprio, Messi rather than a random model guy, I can't take the risk of someone dating me for my money even if it was 0.0001% chance.

Your thoughts?


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