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your thoughts on Michael Jackson

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I'm currently watching tmz documentary on mj's death/ addiction to pain killers :crying4_britney_crying_stages_tears_sad:

I know he became famous as a young boy with his brothers then went solo was big in the 80/90s

i know he was very famous/adored but he had controversy (labeled wacko jacko, a child molestor, addicted to pain meds and plastic surgery) him hanging around boys at 40 years old. I agree he was talented and seemed sweet but his behavior over the years is kindve concerning. He was big before i was born (born in 93) and during my young childhood so i dont remember him during the 90s i was 15 when he died i do remember seeing his death on the news thinking it was sad. Michael definitely was a superstar a legend but what are your guys take on the more negative side of his 50 years on earth? idk why he denied getting plastic surgery when it's very obvious from the 70s to 80s his face had been changed. Im not a stan of MJ i like some of his songs and know how big he was now but i just feel his life was out of control. :sad_britney_ftr_for_the_record:

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I do not believe the allegations.


Our website deals with the child molestation allegations against pop star Michael Jackson. Many of you have probably already heard or read at least bits and pieces about those. However, our...





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Love MJ.. as a person with vitiligo as well I can only imagine the trauma from having your body change at a young age drastically all while in the public eye… as well having a family that is accused of having his testosterone levels reduced medically through childhood to keep his voice as well the pressures of having to share hotel rooms with his older brothers while they had s** with women while he was “asleep” (reportedly told him to hide under the covers)…. To fully understand him you need to do more research and I am positive you will find that his situation was a lot more convoluted than Britney’s and makes you feel bad that he passed due to addiction. He only started with the pain meds because he actually out his all into touring and as he aged it killed him more and more each time. He reminds me of someone like myself who was robbed of the greatness of young adulthood by illness that changes who you are/ how you see yourself especially in a time that is not “woke” (even tho if your not a beautiful model it really doesn’t make you feel any better, cough cough Winnie Harlow) … but also robbed of a childhood he could never get back and his kindness and allure to the younger people around him is just a product of that … poor man, I choose not to believe the things that are said about him (as did Britney… video recorded) and I choose to always feel remorseful for any part in society I played as a young person calling him names. 

just like Britney is most definitely CC treated from todays youths and I’ve said before on this site … the most compelling people are the ones that are not made out for that industry and we should have honestly never been treated to their greatness as they were never strong enough to be able to endure

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