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Let's be honest, circus-themed era was a genius idea

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Fan Account 🌹🚀 on Twitter: "Circus by Britney Spears, her prettiest album  photoshoot https://t.co/m3Yxfpyb1i" / Twitter

I really love this idea. The tour and her performances, Circus music video etc... all of it looked so spectacular :bouncey:

Britney made it so s/xy and entertaining. She looked like THE STAR of the Circus, other pop girls would probably look like clowns in eras like that tbh :emma:

Obvi, not a fan of the camp style but at least it was interesting and creative :bouncey:

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No it was a bad tour she only did it with a promise to release her from the Conserv. The opening epic yes. Did I think she had fun some night maybe . But they said it was just a misrable experience for her so im not praising it ......and im salty Kill The Lights wasn't performed. 

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8 hours ago, BlackoutITZ said:

It was a pretty genius idea in the sense that she really was being used like a performing animal in a circus and was even performing inside a golden cage on tour.

I was looking for someone to say it!! 
I always thought the same, it was so staged, and so mean at the same time. Few months before Circus era she was having a rough time on her personal life, and then the Circus era came to "cleanse" all the stuff that happened to her, but, it was just like a forced set up. Like a real circus animal. :crying1_britney_sobbing_tears_2006_sad:

Yes, the photoshoots were gorgeous.
Yes, the Circus Tour production was excellent.
Yes, she looked amazing.
But all these things were shallow a.f, also this was the "beginning" of the damn conservatorship, ugh... 

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