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Spice Girls drop 'Never Give Up on the Good Times' official music video

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I definitely feel for the girls, very much no promo.


The album is out, but a massive **** up in the cd printing of the book set that version of the full 25 track to a month delay, and being December 16, who knows if that will happen 9 days before Christmas  


Plus a 15 minute spice girls party mix, led to live tracks being cut of full intros especially move over, Spice up your life and Viva forever.. 


Also the inclusion of wannabe and who do you think you are in the spice Girls party mix is also backlash especially since it's spiceworld 25, and spice 25 was last year..

It's a whole mess this time. 


Most is blaming universal music group,,as they see it as a cash in and very expensive price on merch that's even delayed for two months, despite shipping date was Friday. 

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Also the infamous let's fire our manager happened 25 years ago, today..

It's bo secret that many people state Simon fuller was the crucial key to the success..not to overshadow the girls, but once he was fired,  nobody was willing to work with them, the men left, and eventually all the old issues especially the group leader between Geri and Mel B, led to the Oslo incident..


But it's more speculation that allegedly mel b needing d, and leaving Geri for Jimmy gulzar, actually the incident that pushed geri out..


To me, this would be why Geri 50th birthday bash, last night, one particular spice girl is missing..


So if it's true than Mel B brought old wounds back bringing up they slept together when Geri felt a little more deeper than that. 


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