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Why does Exhale hate Pop artists releasing ballads as singles?

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We all love a good dance song that’s very dazzling and hypnotic but not every single that an artist releases has to be dance oriented. Ballads are pretty good ways of showing emotion. It can be any genre really. With that said, it doesn’t surprise me that people on here hate them. Perfume, for instance, was a nice ballad but fans seem to dismiss it as terrible and a bad single choice. 🙃

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Ballads by most pop artists are boring, uninspired, cringey, and dated feeling. And don’t get me wrong, I love sad, slow, pop music. Lana Del Rey is the only other artist from Britney that I “stan” and I absolutely love Billie Eilish’s music. But that’s because they create innovative, beautiful ballads, and it’s a type of song that comes naturally to them.

For most pop artists who mostly release more upbeat, poppier songs, it feels like they’re trying to “check a box” of having one ballad on their pop album, it’s not the music they’re really suited for, and it’s usually just a copy + paste formula of vocals + piano + more emotional lyrics than usual, and none of it is usually done that well or to the quality of the rest of their music. I’m not someone who really cares about vocals either, so I’m not impressed by hearing someone hit a high note or belting a lyric. 

And then to waste the promotion, music video, etc. that could’ve been used for a much better song that’s better suited to the artist… it’s just such a waste and disappointment. And they usually flop anyways, as they should, given how it’s usually lower quality than the rest of their songs. So what’s the point? :jlostare_jennifer_lopez_staring_blink:

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I do not hate ballads in general. In fact, I do appreciate raw, emotional relatable lyrics and ballads in general that some dumb songs about poops & stuff :jj_janet_smirk_hehe_haha_lmao_lol_giggle: What I do have problem with is that sometimes those ballads are fake af. I mean, unless the artist write that song themselves, it's usually a trashy song playing with one emotions just to generate cash. That is why Rated R by Rihanna and all ballads there do not feel authentic to me. And same goes for other artists, this way only an example. I love authenticity and that is what I expect when someone releases a ballad - a raw, emotional lyrics with a stunning production and vocal delivery. Rest of it is a boring snooze fest. :chrissy_xtina_head_tilt_purse_sass:

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