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When’s the last time Britney was seen

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2 hours ago, tobstar73 said:

Does anyone find it odd that she’s never seen out anywhere? 

I know we saw the video of her in Maui from afar.

What does she do all day? Surely she must get bored. 

Ew stop projecting. I’m sure she finds comfort in doing whatever she wants when she wants even if that’s laying on bed watching videos all day. 

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I get the curiosity, I get it, but I think a portion of the fan base should contemplate letting go a bit of the attachment to Britney the artist which equals Britney in general, cause the public person is all anyone outside of her circle has. I understand that after years of tracking her, it might seem odd, but I think her last focus is going out or being seen.

I find the search for conversation positive, but ppl should also accept a bit that she might want to disappear. All the topics making wild assumptions about "Britney is sad" or "Do you think she misses the stage" are endearing but also they are just baseless speculation and projection.


The only reason why I dare to mention this has nothing to do with Britney. I don't think those threads harm her at all or stop her from doing whatever she wants to. I bring this up more for the fans that seem to be very focused on tracking an individual who doesn't want to be out there or explain some things. If you have fun with that speculation, wonderful! But otherwise, I don't know.

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4 hours ago, tobstar73 said:

What does she do all day? Surely she must get bored. 

Why do people act like because we don't see pap pics very often that means Britney never leaves her house and doesn't see anyone? This literally doesn't get applied to any other celebrity. Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift are all barely ever seen by paps and nobody says this about them. It's just weird.

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The tabloids/papparazi era is over. 

There are places and communities where it's perfectly possible for celebs to go and have dinner, go see a movie, go for a hike, a drink, whatever, without being photographed. Why do you think you never see paparazzi pics of Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt ? These are A-listers that no longer need the paparazzi or tabloids and know how to avoid them.

Also Britney can now relax at her (new) house without it feeling like a prison, with the people she hired, inviting friends over, going to see friends, etc.


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