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I really wish she would shut down her IG permanently instead of bashing women constantly

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She really needs a good friend who will tell her that misogyny and destroying each other between women is something that stayed in the last century.

I know that everyone will say "Free Britney, let her do what she wants etc" but when you have a good friend and she/he is receiving constant hate for her/his actions, don't you advise her/him?  Or do you just watch how its destroy itself?

I wish Sam, instead of taking selfies all day of his muscles, would recommend her some better spiritual therapy to overcome her traumas since hate is not a therapy and that's the only thing she's receiving from the general public. She is destroying her own legacy, other fandoms are attacking her daily and all because of an insane addiction to the socials that even her own children are against.

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3 minutes ago, Antidote said:

some better spiritual therapy to overcome her traumas since hate is not a therapy

I hear what you are saying, but it's up to her to determine what she needs. She has revealed on this very IG account that she is currently in therapy. 

But I don't discourage any cheers to get off social media. It's hate-for-profit nowadays and it's all about incentivizing the worst in humans to capture our attention. It's messy because I think Britney has written some great posts and deserves to have her voice again.

But it's not wrong to encourage less time on social media-- at any point, whether Britney is doing good or bad. 

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