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Original Direction of Britney Jean

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It is well reported that prior to the onboarding of Will.I.Am onto what would become to be known as the Britney Jean project, Britney was wanting to explore a more moody R&B sound - working with Blood Orange (Dev Hynes), collaborating with Wizz Khalifa (I am desperate to hear what this song would have sounded like). 

I think from the samples we have from this early period, we were in for an extremely moody Banks-esque emotional album. A more mature Blackout is what Britney had imagined/briefed her team on. 

Now I know the record label would have not had the taste to realise something of this direction would have been so unusual for Britney that it would have popped off - I imagine Frank Ocean, Banks, style of track.

Tracks like Work *****, Perfume, Hold on Tight and Don’t cry could all have been reworked to fit this style and be a cohesive body  of work, if that awful cheap production was eliminated (Work ***** could remain the same but with Britney’s vocals as it is very Blackout vibes as it is and gives the album and all out banger/club hit). 

1. Spell

2. Unnamed Demo

3. 10 Seconds


I would love R&B/Moody-ney to make a resurgence if she ever decided to do an album again. Working with Dev Hynes, DJ Mustard, etc - I think this style would suit her a lot.

No wonder she didn’t bother to record the vocals with the change in direction, she was probably so disheartened. 

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It is very weird to me that the Con team always sabotaged her albums, performances, and music direction (except for Glory). I mean if they have allowed her to take creative control, they would have generated more money because the sales would have been much higher.

Everything was truly done intentionally and that's disgusting :ririshade2_rihanna_eyeroll_roll_eyes_annoyed_irritated_mad:

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The album would’ve smashed…she was due for a reinvention at the time and music shifted that direction anyway she would’ve just gotten credit for setting the trends again. Before Katy worked with Juicy j, Miley with juicy j, Taylor with kendrick… Britney was already goin that route. Beyoncé also reinvented her brand at this time with the “Beyoncé” visual album. Britney was the only one stuck on boring and played edm. The original direction would’ve been a nod to die hard stans that love and even became a fan b/c of urbanney. It would’ve also reinvented her brand. After ff we didn’t need another edm album that wasn’t no where NEAR the quality of it. I also think Britney has been protesting way longer than we know. She said she doesn’t record the music if she doesn’t love it. Clearly she hated bj and was sick of them changing her album every time she records one. They changed circus and ff too. The album would’ve done way better than sh.itney jean. 

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