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How is it even POSSIBLE that Myah Marie sang on Britney Jean instead of Britney?

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I honestly can't quite wrap my head around it. I know the album was rushed and an excuse to promote Piece Of Me, but still.. How is it possible that they had someone else record half of the album? You might say Britney gave zero ****s and coult not be bothered to show up and record but we've seen candids of her at the recording studio in 2013:

Britney Spears Gets A Helping Hand Into The Recording Studio -  Entertainment News Photos and Video - X17 Online - Entertainment News  Photos and Video - X17 Online






And even if some songs needed to be re-recorded.. We know Britney was forced to do a million things she didn't really want to do. How was RECORDING HER OWN ALBUM not a priority for team con?

Besides, Circus was rushed too and Britney started recording for it around April-May 2008 and it was done in a few months.

On top of that, how could Myah Marie be chosen to simulate Britney's voice out of all people after THIS?


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Remember BJ was used as a marketing tool for the residency. According to Myah on the OD podcast she was aware that Britney was cutting other songs with different producers at the time.  

You have to give it up for her by naming it after her bad self and decided to project it by releasing a bad album. Instead of her family telling her off, the fans now tell her off for BJ, her mind is powerful. 

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1 hour ago, ElToxico said:

The same way they had Ashanti and Christina Milian sing most of Jlo's first two albums but nobody battered an eyelid. Looks like industry standards


I get it but that was jlo when she first became a “singer” and no one knew how she sounded, Britney was an established artist at this point how could rca honestly allow this?

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Gurl, the stems leaked EONS ago. Britney recorded like 95% of the album. For whatever braindead reason, they decided to mix her vocals with Myah's on most of the songs, and even replace Britney's vocals with Myah's vocals entirely on some. But Britney vocals exist for all of the songs, with the exception of like one or two of the bridges. I don't remember which ones.

IIRC, the only songs that ended up being just Britney were Perfume, Alien, Don't Cry and Hold On Tight. Every other song is either a mix of Britney and Myah, or Myah entirely (Body Ache, Passenger, Til It's Gone).

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I don’t think it’s a matter of Britney not having recorded certain vocals, because I do think she recorded all the songs (except maybe Body Ache)…I think it’s just a matter of the people behind the scenes thought Myah’s vocals were better and that fans were stupid enough to fall for it.

For example, we know she recorded more of “Passenger” as the Country Club Martini acoustic remix has Britney vocals in the second verse that weren’t used in the official release in favor of Myah’s vocals.  Also in “Brightest Morning Star” Myah sings the lead on the chorus and Britney’s vocal is used for backing vocals.  You can barely hear Britney in the chorus, but again, the fan made acoustic remix uses Britney’s vocal instead of Myah’s.  The sad part is, Britney’s parts in these two songs are FAR superior to Myah’s and actually add a depth to these songs that they are lacking, particularly Britney’s vocal run on the line “just enjoy the ride”.

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6 hours ago, BlackoutITZ said:

I'm sure she did record plenty of songs, we know that she was working with Rodney Jerkins and Elijah Blake in late 2012/early 2013. For whatever reason, her team clearly didn't agree with her direction for the album, and essentially sabotaged the whole project and replaced most of it with cheap Myah demos that had to be put together at the last minute before the deadline, and thus most of them didn't have full vocals from Britney. I honestly think her team were just dumb enough to think nobody would notice, we've seen how they have always underestimated her fanbase and thought we would fall for their bull****.

It'd be nice to think this material might show up eventually.

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I mean, realistically they probably just thought Mayah's performance was better and didn't think anyone would notice. I doubt it's any more deeper than that.

It's frustrating though and shows how little her team cared about Britney's artistry. We've all heard how she's a perfectionist in the studio and knows exactly how she wants and needs to sing a song, but instead they all underminded her and used Myah to create the performance they wanted instead of just respecting Britney's decisions.

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