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Britney and Sam are reportedly turning to a surrogate to start a family

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The pop princess, who will turn 41 in December, could face a high-risk pregnancy, according to insiders, who claim she's now looking to implant her own eggs — fertilized by her 28-year-old hubby — in another woman's womb.

"After doing some research, she's convinced hiring a surrogate is the way," revealed a source close to the Toxic singer. Medical experts weighed in on the situation, revealing the plan makes sense because pregnancy at Britney's age is a risky proposition.

Her spring miscarriage of Sam's child only adds to that pain and she can't bear the idea of enduring that devastating heartbreak again, sources say.

"Britney was shattered when she lost her 'miracle baby,'" dished one source. "That trauma will probably always stay with her. But she's not without options."

However, other sources say her recent rash of bizarre behaviors, including cringe-worthy topless social media posts and hacking off her hair, could cast a dark cloud over her baby dreams.

It's a disturbing echo of her 2007 meltdown when she sheared off her golden locks and landed in a psych ward after refusing to turn her sons over to Federline.

Some pals are worried about Britney's baby plans, with one friend saying, "The fear is she could very well be headed to the psych ward again."🙄




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every woman is different, but pregnancies past 40 is definitely more and more common these days, even if they still take more precautions

Though having had an ******** recently may add a different precedent thus why a surrogate wouldn't be a wild option either. 

Again, everyone may have specific conditions that are in favor or against physically getting pregnant, but as far as I understand, the bigger risk or what plays against the odds for older women it's not so much bearing the pregnancy itself, but the quality of their eggs getting worse as they age. That's why they recommend that if they want to freeze their eggs to have babies later on, they should do it at the youngest age possible, which in itself is kind of ironic because I don't think a young woman is thinking or even having the resources to freeze an egg, or if she wants so much to be a mother she would just go and do that instead of saving it for 20 years later, but anyways, that's what I've heard from Erika Zaba, a Mexican singer who shared her journey to get pregnant in her 40's a couple of years ago.

But even within my family I've had women getting pregnant past 40 without any kind of fertility treatment or special cares. 


That said, it's radaronline lol so we can't believe anything they say, but yeah, if it was true it wouldn't be that surprising 

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