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Did you like Geri Halliwell's transition from Bad Girl to Good?

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Geri Halliwell was my favorite Spice Girl and I loved her bad, edgier, **** image but when she came back as a solo artist and she adopted this good, clean image I was shocked and I didn't like it as much, even though I loved "it's raining men". She looked amazing but not like the Geri we knew.

What do you think? Did you like it and was it good for her brand?



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She wasn't "good girl" right away... Schizophonic had the imagery of the "G" with devil horns lol Geri started working for the U.N. after leaving the SG so she tamed her image a lot. She is def an interesting character. All of the SG seemed to be changing their image around 1998...you can see from the Forever photo shoot that they were planning a more "polished" image and to tone down the wild style. They were all tired. I always thought it was weird how the Forever album and Schizophonic album had very similar photo shoots 

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I absolutely loved Geri back in the day. Vivacious and so damn charming. She was absolutely the heart of the spice girls and the girl power image they had, but is sadly now just a shell of her former self. Seeing her come out on the last tour in that regal Union Jack dress was so sad. Cheeky Geri really is gone forever :/

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But she was really S-E-X-Y after leaving the Spice Girls:decisions_britney_thinking_confused_focusing_unsure_xfactor_bw_black_white:

Didn't like how she left the group (just how Jesy left LM) in kinda bad terms, I wasn't around at the time, I'm just commenting through looking back at it.

It was super weird seeing her "now" when she was in the reunion tour in 2019, like a different person :umsaywhat_adele_hmm_umm_thinking_confused_unsure:

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