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Remember „Wetten Dass“ 2002? Presenter asked explosive Questions!

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I just watched her interview with Thomas Gottschalk from 2002. He was harsh but at some point he was right even back then. 

He said: Britney, all teenager-girls want to be like you and all teenage-boys want her girlfriends to be like you. Is that not a lot of pressure? 

She went around the question. 

He then asked: But you are not able to to what other young people at your age would or want to do. Do you not miss something in your life? 

You could tell she went uncomfortable and again went around the question. 

So, he asked for the 3th time !!! :

But your under permantent control - can you let go sometimes? 

You could tell, she was not shure what to answer. So i think he knew even back then (without csp). I find it quite explosive how hard he was trying to get the truth out of her. 

What do you think? Discuss….


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Those were pretty common questions that she was asked back then. She was probably just tired of being asked the same questions over and over again. Back in 2002, she was overworked but she definitely wasn’t in a conservatorship or anything like that and had complete full control in her life and career. 

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