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It's a reality guys the conservatorship made Britney MEAN

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1 hour ago, Almost Mystical said:

Umm like how mean Britney is right now? Did she punch random people in the street or did she spit at homeless guy? :tina_judging_side_eye_glance_staring_looking_red:

I don't think you're educated on Britney's personality. Primeney called paparazzi a fat **** and JT a ***** back in ITZ era. If she's calling out her conservator a shiet, then I don't know what's wrong with that. 



I'm sorry but Chaoticney is everything :riha_rihanna_cackle_laughing_lol_haha_hehe_lmao_hand:

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50 minutes ago, Body ache said:

Britney was always mean. Is everyone forgetting Blackoutney? This is her but 10 times more angry.

No she has always been human. Even with the 1000 paparazzi guys in front of her she was asking politely if se could pass through. But enough is enough. We all have boundaries and I think Britney could handle a lot of **** in the past, but people took advantage of her so now she’s mad, as she should.

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When I see videoes of her being 17 years old, saying "mam" being so sweet and little-girly, I look as if she was a trianed circus-animal told to bow or else her mother is going to take her food away or punish her in other ways. Yes, Lynne is also a soft-spoken seemingly sweet lady. But it can be too much. Know what Im saying? It really is a thing to be TOO Sweet. Remember "Me, myself and Irene"?? it proves it very well,.. You can be SO sweet because you arent allowed other feelings. "Be nice now" we tell small girls, but boys are allowed to be bossy and stuff. 
Britney is a human now. And if she is more pissed its either how we all feel after turning 30 years, or because she allows herself. I love it. I know she is going to piss many people off, and yes she loves some fans, but I do believe she could say "**** off" to a lot of other fans too

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Let's see...  

  • Abducted from her own home in front of the world's media due to the plotting of her parents, sedated and forcibly held in a hospital
  • During said hospital stay, her bodily autonomy and human rights were stripped from her
  • While recovering from the trauma of this and everything that came before it, Britney was told repeatedly by her so-called "loving father" that she was a fat ***** and was pushed into "looking the part" by being made to work out and being having her clothes / looks chosen for her
  • Pushed back into working in the public eye in an industry that had traumatised her and made a business of harassing her and humiliating her in front of the entire world - just WEEKS after being strapped to a gurney
  • Forced to go on a gruelling world tour 
  • Had her kids used against her for leverage - if she didn't do what she was told, she wouldn't see the kids
  • All time spent with the kids was under the supervision of others - no time alone with them to be the mother she wanted to be
  • After over a year of being lied to and told she would get her life back if she complied with the tour, was told the arrangement was permanent
  • Not allowed legal representation to fight the situation she had been forced into. Team Con and Britney's court appointed representation were working for the SAME SIDE and working AGAINST HER
  • Had millions and millions of dollars of her hard earner money taken by others for work she didn't hire them to do and for a legal case she did not want to be a part of
  • Pushed into making an album she did not want to make
  • Forced into a second world tour less than 18 months after the first one ended and was allegedly heavily medicated against her will for at least a part of that tour
  • Was forced to release an album with somebody else's voice because the brand was more important than her wishes
  • Forced into a Vegas residency for four years and was made to perform while sick multiple times
  • Not allowed to perform what she wanted, causing her to resent her career and talents that made her who she is
  • Isolated from friends and family for 13 years while many of them reaped the rewards of her hard work and lived in luxury. Meanwhile, Britney was given an allowance
  • Food and drink intake controlled - not allowed to eat and drink what she wanted
  • Not allowed to decorate her home - her safe space - the way she wanted to
  • Journals and writings stolen from her
  • Forced to go on two summer tours and with the threat of being sued if she did not comply
  • Secret recording devices placed in her home, recording private moments such as conversations with her children and possibly even having s** - recordings could then be listened to by her father and others working for him
  • Boyfriends vetted by her father and forced out of Britney's life if they did not follow "the rules" 
  • Forced into meeting upwards of 40 strangers per night despite having severe social anxiety, the money from which would go to those controlling her life
  • All friends chosen for her and on the pay roll
  • Isolated from her peers incase they found out the truth about what was happening and exposed it to the world
  • Had birth control devices placed forcibly into her *******, which she was not allowed to remove incase she had more children, which was forbidden. She later had a miscarriage, which could stem from not having children while she was younger and/or damage caused by the IUD
  • Had her car keys taken from her so she could not go where she wanted to
  • Was not allowed to drive alone with her boyfriends
  • Forcibly medicated with Lithium, which made her feel drunk and terrified, and put into a mental facility, for four months because she said no to a dance move they wanted her to do. In said facility, she would work every day for ten hours  and have six-eight vials of blood taken per week, had her belongings taken from her (including the boxes of cosmetic products that she wanted to keep to at least pretend she had nice things) and was not allowed to change her clothes in privacy and so had to show her naked body to staff. She was not allowed to leave. While locked away in this place, her family vacationed in the beach house she had bought for herself. 
  • When the truth came out and the #FreeBritney movement started, her money was then used for a media tour to gaslight her and lie about her mental status, claiming everything was being done in her best interests and that she would never be free
  • Several documentaries were made, becoming global phenomenons, telling Britney's story from the point of view of others and bringing up embarrassing moments from Britney's past that she has tried to move on from. Meanwhile, she was still being silenced 
  • The conservatorship was dissolved in a matter of weeks once Britney had her own representation, showing how easily she could have gotten out years ago if she had been given the right to a lawyer. It was also revealed that no medical declaration was ever given that a conservatorship was even necessary
  • Her father continues to try to extort money from her and release her confidential medical records to further embarrass her
  • She pays $40000 per month to her leech of an ex husband to pay for the upkeep of children who do not want to see her due to being brainwashed. He has not worked for 15 years
  • Had her phone mirrored on an iPad owned by her father so all of her communications could be monitored
  • Had clothes stolen from her dressing room by her sister
  • Her children, seemingly on the instruction of her ex-husband, secretly recorded her multiple times and this footage was then intentionally leaked to the world
  • Her son said he would reveal her secrets if he reached 10k followers on Instagram
  • Her sister, who only ever managed to work in the entertainment industry because of the opportunities Britney gave to her, released a book selling her out and telling lies to try and make Britney look unstable
  • Her brother starred on a podcast and talked at length about how Britney was incapable of looking after herself and how great the conservatorship was for the family
  • The conservatorship was labelled as a "business hybrid" by her court appointed lawyer. In the same papers, he admitted to looking forward to how lucrative the upcoming years would be
  • Her mother not only came up with the idea for the entire arrangement but let it happen despite Britney's desperate pleas for years. Whenever Lynne did  make a pitiful attempt to help Britney, they were separated from each other
  • Her 13 year old son was assaulted by her father, causing her to lose custodial time 
  • Her house was broken into by a knife-carrying maniac on her wedding day
  • Her family refuse to accept accountability for any of the harm they have done to her and continue to try and make themselves look good in the public eye by further harming Britney


I typed this in ten minutes, all off the top of my head - can you imagine being told to "move on" from all of this? AND THEN THERE ARE ALL OF THE MANY THE THINGS WE DON'T KNOW - Britney has admitted several times we don't even know half of what went on. This went on for more than 13 years and in some cases, is still going on. So yes, she is angry. If you see that as her being "mean" then that says a lot more about you than it does Britney. 

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