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Why does Beyoncé get Britney fans so pressed?

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Personally I’m a fan of both Queen Beyoncé as well as Britney.  Yet all I see in this forum is constant uncalled for shade towards Beyoncé for no apparent reason.

Both are great artists imo and can co exist peacefully.  It’s weird to see so much hate towards Beyoncé when Britney herself looks up to the Queen, often dancing and miming to Beyoncé’s music on Instagram.

What is it about Beyoncé that gets this fan base so pressed?  Is it jealousy?  Racism?  

Please discuss and let’s keep this thread  civil please!

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1 minute ago, Henry Torres said:

I listen to Bey a lot lately so it's not a hate post but I can say... Why does Britney get Beyonce fans so pressed?

It goes both ways. 

Personally Britney doesn’t get me pressed.  I love both Britney and Beyoncé equally, although I can’t speak for other Beyoncé fans.

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