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2 minutes ago, blackingouthenegativity said:

Louise "Lou" M. Taylor (photo ci-dessous) est à la tête du groupe Tri-Star Entertainment and Sports.


Elle était à l'origine la directrice commerciale de Juno Lyme pendant Zoey 101. Début 2008, elle a aidé la famille Spears à reprendre la vie de Britney et à démarrer la tutelle. À partir de là, elle a pris une grande partie de l'argent de Britney tout en forçant Britney à travailler.



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LMAO No one's actually giving you a proper answer. Lou Taylor is the head of Tri-Star Entertainment and the highly-religious wife of a pastor.

Britney mentioned way back in 2007 that a woman was stalking her and trying everything in her power to ingratiate herself into Britney's life. That was Lou.

Lou became friends with Jamie and Lynne, and ultimately was the one who convinced them to put Britney into the c-ship. There would be no conservatorship if not for Lou.

Flash-forward, and Lou (through Tri-Star) became Britney's business manager, handling pretty much all aspects of her career. She's (allegedly) stolen millions from Britney through the conservatorship, and there are even rumors that she engaged in an affair with Jamie.

TL;DR she's the criminal mastermind. She's Britney's Thanos. She is the Big Bad of the story.

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2 minutes ago, BrittonJeanSpears said:

LMAO Personne ne vous donne réellement une réponse appropriée. Lou Taylor est le chef de Tri-Star Entertainment et l'épouse hautement religieuse d'un pasteur.

Britney a mentionné en 2007 qu'une femme la traquait et essayait tout ce qui était en son pouvoir pour se faire plaisir dans la vie de Britney. C'était Lou.

Lou est devenu ami avec Jamie et Lynne, et c'est finalement lui qui les a convaincus de mettre Britney dans le c-ship. Il n'y aurait pas de curatelle sans Lou.

Flash-forward, et Lou (via Tri-Star) est devenu le directeur commercial de Britney, gérant à peu près tous les aspects de sa carrière. Elle a (prétendument) volé des millions à Britney par le biais de la tutelle, et il y a même des rumeurs selon lesquelles elle aurait eu une liaison avec Jamie.

TL;DR elle est le cerveau criminel. C'est le Thanos de Britney. Elle est la grande méchante de l'histoire.

oh my god that means without lou britney would have been happy all these years ??? :wendycry_wiliams_panicked_crying_tears_upset_sad:

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11 minutes ago, blackingouthenegativity said:

Louise "Lou" M. Taylor (pictured below) is the head of Tri-Star Entertainment and Sports group.


She originally was Juno Lyme's business manager during Zoey 101. In early 2008, she helped the Spears family take over Britney's life and start the conservatorship. From there, she took a lot of Britney's money while forcing Britney to work.



9 minutes ago, BrittonJeanSpears said:

She's Britney's Thanos.

Do not insult Maleficent & Thanos like that pls. They are both just teddy bears in comparison to that Ms. Lou Taylor

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4 minutes ago, BSfan4Ever said:

oh my god that means without lou britney would have been happy all these years ??? :wendycry_wiliams_panicked_crying_tears_upset_sad:

To quote Britney, "100,000%". :mhm_britney_nodding_yes_mhmm: Well, we can't know that for sure. There is always the chance that Osama would've destroyed her life if the c-ship hadn't. There's also the chance she could've gotten all her stuff sorted out within the year and eloped to London with her babies. She could've been Princess Di'd by some paps. There's too many variables in a person's life to know for sure what could've been. But happy or not, Britney would've been FREE.

See, and the fact that I only just learned from reading this thread that she knew the Spears family through Jamie Lynn as far back as the Zoey 101 days means that even those of us in the know are still woefully undereducated on this witch.

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i bet not even LT knows who she is anymore after being so corrupted by money.

i wonder what her parents did to her, she must’ve been abused as a minor because how else do you get so evil?

poor ***** i hope she rots in hell for continuing the abuse chain; we cannot control what others do to us, but we can control what we do to others.

specially being a woman… how do you enslave another woman? like girl at the minimum be a team player… pathetic ****. 

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