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Blackout 33 1/3 AMA (ask me anything) with author Natasha Lasky

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7 hours ago, bas che said:

Who’s Natasha again? Would be nice to see her profile and why she’s the best person to ask questions about BO.

She's an author, but yeah she might not know TOO much about the album like some fans might assume. It's great she's writing this book though, it's probably just to give fans and maybe casuals a bit more info about the album.

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8 hours ago, Joshyworld said:

Be nice. Don’t derail the thread. It’s solely my opinion which we are all allowed to have. I just hope to live for the day where albums like Oops, Britney and ITZ will get the recognition that Blackout has and continues to receives.

In the zone already does, it's been this way since it's released.


Only reason why Blackout is underrated,is because of what was going on in her life, don't act like the billboard controversy was a big deal then, it was the first time people saw billboard bend over backwards for the pioneers of the rock and roll industry or icons like prince when they allowed the concert bundle to happen during the musicology era..


November 13, if she debuted at number two behind Alicia keys it would have been different, but caving to a band that sold the album exclusively at Wal Mart that's the issue,it sold more yes but you could only get it at Wal Mart and blackout was everywhere even at target with it's own special edition CD with a bonus track and three free ringtones (remember that craze where RIAA certified ringtones) of gimme more 


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18 minutes ago, Tear the floor up up said:

I guess an obvious question would be: is Britney aware of this book's existence? And did you attempt to reach out to her whilst writing this? (I haven't read any other books from the 33 1/3 series, so I'm just genuinely curious)

Technically nope, but it's about the album, not the artist but seeing @Jordan Miller perspective.


You Always see the media side of why Britney, why this artist, but never about the one thing that should matter the most, the fans perspective.


I remember when they covered her during in the zone, they went to 10 to 12 year old girls, and yeah it was a negative reaction of a women becoming something they didn't understand at all at the Time, but it's like the opinion of a teenager or a young adult didn't matter of when it came to Britney becoming an adult and a ***ual being, but always the original audience that felt they lost their idol to sinful stuff.

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9 hours ago, Joshyworld said:

Be nice. Don’t derail the thread. It’s solely my opinion which we are all allowed to have. I just hope to live for the day where albums like Oops, Britney and ITZ will get the recognition that Blackout has and continues to receives.

But the point of this thread is to pose questions for the book's author, not just give your opinion! 


@NatashaL Thank you for doing this AMA!  I ordered a copy and am eagerly awaiting its arrival.  My apologies if this is discussed in the book - my questions are more about your approach to writing it. 

1 - What inspired you to write this book? I know it's part of a series, but you personally - how did you get involved with the project?

2 - What was the best part of the writing experience?  (Like, did you get to correspond with Britney or the other artists involved?)

3 - There aren't very many female artists on the list of albums covered by this book series.  It's so interesting that Britney was included. Is that discussed in the book?  (the cultural significance of Britney as a female solo artist)?

4 - What is the biggest unanswered question you still have after writing this book?


Thank you!!


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Hi! And thank you for the book & taking questions. Blackout is unmatched and it still fascinates me today! I was actually just listening to it on Vinyl and made a painting inspired by the album cover. Maybe I'll share later. I also find myself playing Blackout more in the fall every year so perfect timing!

I'd like to know if Hot As Ice was definitely set to be the fourth single as she was rehearsing in the studio. 

Was Break The Ice always meant to be animated or was it because she couldn't shoot due to personal problems? 

Did she consider any features?

What inspired her to go electronic? I grew up with my older sis playing dance music and I'll never forget the day she called me and said Britney Spears just released a techno song on the radio! Iconic, but VERY ahead of it's time.

If she didn't have all her personal struggles at that time did she have any other things planned for that era? More singles, promo, performances, interviews, ect? 

I'll share the space in here and leave it with those listed above but THANK YOU and I cant wait to read. Again this album and era fascinates me A LOT. 

OH bonus question (I lied):

Why did you write the book and what do you love most about Blackout/favorite song?:bparty_piece_of_me_pom_britney_clubbing_blackout_2007_dancing_dance:

Last thing, I'm broke at the moment. Send a broke sis a copy please :pieceofwhat_britney_awkward::smokney2_smoke_britney_blackout_2007_sunglasses_red_cigarette_smoking:



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