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Criminal: Britney's biggest sleeper hit ever?

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It's amazing to me that "Criminal" has such great streaming numbers, rivaling many of her most classic songs. A better song couldn't deserve it. I'm glad Brit stuck to her guns and that we voted correctly on the Facebook poll asking fans what FF's fourth single should be :rihannayas_weave_pull_cocky_smirk_proud:

194+ million views for the music video on YouTube (not including other official audios on YouTube)

172+ million streams on Spotify

What explains Criminal's long-term success?


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A few years ago when my niece was like 5/6 I heard her singing Criminal. I was shocked because it was a Britney song but an older song. I asked her how does she know that song and she played me this YouTube video with like anime art but criminal was made into like a creepy remix. And I don’t know what those kinds of videos are called but I guess they were huge with her age range. 

Then a few years later Criminal because a hit on TikTok because of some trend. Very cringey but hey it got Britney’s song exposure.

I think that’s why it has so many streams! The youth just keeps repurposing it and I’m here for it! 

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This is a case of quality winning. It's been one of my favorite songs from her since the album dropped. The lyrics tell a **** and dramatic story. It's like a soap opera in a song. The flute sound draws you in from the first second. :kylie_proud_yes_wow_impressive_amazing: And I think it's aged well. It still absolutely slaps. 

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Harleys in Hawaii is actually becoming a hit on tik tok.  

Watching adam the flop, it show's wgat flopped then because of bad timings! Etc..


Comes a hit now. 


This us definitely proving.


I think criminal flopped cos, the video was controversial, Britney sl** shaming the girl her man was flirting with about on so it's your day off from working the corner. 


I felt had a different video get made it would have been a hit.

Let's not act like some of the fans thought the dialogue was actually a diss at them.

Rentboy.com don't ring a bell anybody.  



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