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Remember back in the day when we thought this was Britney?

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Searching and old video on YT I stumbled upon this..

I remember everyone thought it was Britney's voice, literally for 2 words! ("Watch it" or something) :tiffcackle_Tiffany_miss_ny_New_York_pollard_laugh_giggle_lol_haha_hehe:

This was around "Scream & Shout", so there was a lot of speculation.

The best part of it all is the caption of the video: 

"I have no idea why you all are asking me about Brittney Spears" :hahaha_tiffany_ny_new_york_ms_miss_cackle_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao::shadelaugh_tiffany_ny_new_york_ms_miss_cackle_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao::queenie_falling_dying_dead:

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Britney really saves Will.I.Am career back then. I remember he keep releasing single after single just to convince the label to let him release the whole album. All of his song, as catchy as it is, only chart moderately. His album is literally in a limbo for more than a year. Only after Britney release S&S and it skyrocketed to #1 the label then green light Will's album. The power of Britney, bish. :blast_explosion_skeleton_skull_fire_flames_boom:

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