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It's Official The Britney 2000's Style is back

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15 minutes ago, Lupita Gutierrez said:

thank God, I hate that old woman pants look thats so popular right now

I hate high-waisted so much. Ever since I saw Britney rocking it in HIAM in 2011, I've thought high-waisted shorts look like adult diapers. And then they became a thing with Ariana Grande and I'm just so glad they're not popular anymore.

Low-rise ALL THE WAY.

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britney is one of the very few people I've seen that genuinely suited the low rise trend, as someone with a small waist and bigger hips they do not suit me at all :billiebarf_ew_gross_disgusting_throw_up_vomit_green_eilish:

its definitely more flattering on the people in the OP but I just hope this doesn't make the whole "skinny he.roin chic" trend a thing again. probably one of the worst things about 00s pop culture especially growing up at that time, hope we move into a phase where all shapes & styles are accepted

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37 minutes ago, Joshyworld said:

The Y2K/Britney style had been back in full-force since like 2019. This isn’t anything new.. I’m now convinced 95% of you really do live under rocks.

the trends have been mixed for a while but the 80s high waist jeans were still in

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1 hour ago, Shadow. said:

one of the worst things about 00s pop culture especially growing up at that time, hope we move into a phase where all shapes & styles are accepted

Yes, I was just watching a video about it on tiktok because that fashion trend caused many eating disorders.


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Finally! :melt_weird_drift_wow:

We need to say goodbye to those ugly high waist pants and clothes :eheeek_britney_unsure_ew_gross_um_awkward_embarrassed_cringe:

Kim K is skinny, no more big 4ss too please :cheese_Britney_awkward_cringe_eek:

Low jeans again all the way :wendycry_wiliams_panicked_crying_tears_upset_sad:

Thank God Britney never left 2000s style, she even tried the high waisted swimsuit and said she doesn't like it, she is literally stuck in 2000s, because of the conservatorship :crying1_britney_sobbing_tears_2006_sad:

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Guys, I know it’s popular to recycle fashion from 20-30 years ago but we really don’t need to bring EVERY fashion trend from the ‘00s back. Low rise jeans can wait until like…I don’t know…2027 to come back full force but right now, low rise jeans is a no!

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