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Did Britney hate her music that was made in conservatorship?

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I think I remember she kept answering her favorite song as toxic in every new album interview promo. Seeing how she hates her magazine cover in conservatorship era, I wonder if she feels the same with her music. I wonder how little her contribution is in Circus, FF, and BJ. She have more control in Glory but team con scrapped everything, including Sucker for Pain and LaChapelle.

And come to think of it, even team con scrapped Telephone in Circus. So many missed things went astray when Britney is not in control, that made me think she ended up not liking her album post Blackout.

What do you guys think?

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Idts.  Recording and her conservatorship era albums are the one thing she has not dragged since her freedom.  I think she loves being in the studio, it’s probably super cathartic and therapeutic, especially when being in the booth was probably one of the few times she didn’t have Jamie or Robin standing 12 inches away from her.  I def think there are some songs she doesn’t like…but she even said she wanted to do new songs in her shows and her team forced her to continue doing all the classic old songs…so there had to have been some enjoyment for her to have wanted to perform them.

I AM genuinely surprised she hasn’t dragged BJ yet though and said she liked the WB video and didn’t like any of her other c-ship era videos.  RIP SP, IUSA, Womanizer, Circus, Criminal…all of which are incredible music videos imo.

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As someone has already said, I think being in the recording studio was probably one of the few things that reminded of the life she used to have and allowed her to have some creativity, even when some of her ideas were scrapped. I mean, some of her ideas were scrapped pre C-Ship as well... Does Original Doll ring a bell? It's the downside of being such a mainstream artist, they always want to go for what they think is a guaranteed hit. 

But I guess we won't really know until she releases the book or posts on IG :embarrassed_britney_2007_red_hide_ashamed_cover:

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