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Hi Exhale :kesha_sunglasses_pink_talking_telling: So after 3 years of ownership, my 2019 Samsung 43 inch smart tv went on the fritz a few weeks ago and despite all the customer service calls, my tv has gone caput! :kesha_sunglasses_pink_talking_telling: Piece of **** fr

Does anyone have recommendations for a well built TV that is reliable, has great quality, and is somewhat affordable? We mainly use our TV for various streaming services, occasional live TV, and rare DVD watching.

While I may have the reputation for being a size queen :queenflopga_walk_sass_pink: (jk boys), I’m not looking for a TV more than 55 inches. 4k seems standard, but idk if I wanna splurge on OLED. I’ve read great things about Sony and LG…

Any recommendations would be appreciated! :katycream_perry_witness_nod_yes:

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I’ve had a Sony 55” X85K 4K ultra hd for a while now. Could not splurge on the OLED at the time but I’m not bothered. It’s amazing. I use it for PlayStation and streaming shows mostly. My last tv was also a Sony and faultless. Can’t go wrong with one IMO. 

My friend bought an LG around the same time and the panel already has screen fade in spots for what it’s worth. Great tech and features but seemingly less reliable. 

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Whatever you do, DO NOT buy a TCL Smart TV! My mother brought one for our lounge room and the right side keeps flickering to black. I googled how to fix this, and found some blog with other people having the same problems. If you play around with the brightness settings, it will go away for a while then come back.😳It’s only 2 years old!

I myself have brought a Hisense Smart TV, and have never had a problem with it. It’s now 5 years old😁

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