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Could Britney be suffering from Paranoia?

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I found this:

Mentally ill people tend to view everyone around them as “out to get them”, that everyone nearby is using them, taking advantage of them or actively undermining them. Paranoia sets in and everyone gets viewed as part of a larger conspiracy. This is the sort of behaviour that did in Richard Nixon.

If Britney were thinking rationally, she would focus her ire (and her efforts) on a single target—her father. She could make her case that he behaved wrongly and seek restitution of some form. This would also enable wider public sympathy for her claims, which she clearly wants by airing them in the media. But given that she has chosen to simultaneously lash out at virtually everyone close to her, Britney has given her dad and others the chance to dismiss all of her concerns as the paranoid rantings of an irrational person who sees conspiracies everywhere she looks.

If Britney were rational—and had a legal team worth whatever she was paying them—she would stay off social media. Her stream-of-consciousness rants, in which she lashes out at people like her sister, only fuel the perception that she has come dramatically unhinged. Only a person whose sanity long ago took flight would post an incessant stream of nearly-naked selfies and think that somehow this proves she is rational. Britney needs help. I hope that someone can reach her before it’s too late.



What do you think?

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You guys should spend time with an actual paranoid person and you would know how eye rolling that diagnosis truly is...

Everything Britney is doing is what you do and I do and everybody does. Dealing with our issues in our own way. Britney was literally silenced and now she shares almost everything she can. Perhaps she's over overcompensating but that's for her to decide.

Plus why should Britney focus on a single target? It wasn't just her father. It was her whole family, management and the California courts. If they're really out to get you is it paranoia?

I don't get the over analyzing of Britney's mental state. I really don't....

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Let me put it this way, if I was in Britney's situation of being in a conservatorship with no idea of what is happening around me, a hostile set of people around me monitoring and making people monitor every activity of mine with or without my knowledge , I would be beyond paranoid. Relatively Britney seems to be handling it much better 

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I think so too, and she seems to have been this way for a long time, remember both her sister and son said she had held knife to them, the Jamie Lynn knife story happened in the early 2000s, you can't blame that one on the cship, I know a lot of you don't believe her sister's story, but her son share the same story, I doubt her son would lie about something like that, and I doubt her sons like to see her suffer like she had claimed in her audios.

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32 minutes ago, Antidote said:

If Britney were thinking rationally, she would focus her ire (and her efforts) on a single target—her father.

Why would she ignore the other abusers? That makes literally no sense and it's not even remotely rational. Does that mean that you have some sort of mental disorder?

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I think there’s a lot more to this whole equation than we will ever know. Her medical records are still sealed for a reason. She deserves her privacy with it. I think she’s struggling and not prioritizing her health, but what her obstacles may be is no one’s business. She has been through a lot and i think it will take years for her to be back on track. She is a strong woman, and once she figures things out she will thrive. 

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