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Britney Wants to make a statement by not Performing

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3 minutes ago, ItsBeanie****** said:

It'd make more sense if she were still in the c-ship. Surely being freed would be like "yay, I can choose everything I want from now on." Her family aren't suffering by her performing. Her fans are :slayde_meme_red_glam_neyde_neydeney_britney: She's taken 3 years off, sis, we miss you on stage. POM can't be her final ever performances :decisions_britney_thinking_confused_focusing_unsure_xfactor_bw_black_white::tiffanycries_ny_new_york_miss_tiffany_pollard_crying_tears_sobbing_sad:

Britney is the one suffering, not the fans

Yes we all want her back on stage, but the way you talk about it is very selfish

Im sure she will be back on stage, shes just pissed off right now

But I dont think she will be back the same way she used to. She will enter a new stage in her career where shes like Cher who releases random projects from time to time, and gets invited to perform and be honored, or be a socialite

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She says she wants to produce music and she clearly still enjoys artistic moving. She will continue to want that in her life. Even if it's just as a hobby. I just want her to find peace of mind and enjoy her every days. Happiness will come is spirts. Healing takes time and sometimes it never fully does. And that's ok. 

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11 minutes ago, lcortes88 said:

EXACTLY! I wish her all the happiness in the world I will settle for her quirky home dance videos. I love her personality. I hope she heals tho and on her own terms. 

It’s okay to want her to be happy and to want her to perform again. I want her to perform again too!!

Just because you want Britney to come back and slay the world doesn’t mean you magically don’t want her to do what she wants. That’s an assumed default her from anyone who’s not a troll. We all want her to be happy. So dream away!

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I’d be here for her only doing music and videos. I don’t want her stepping foot on stage if she’s not gonna fully commit to at-least CIRCUS level of performing. Idc about the routine if it’s executed stiff and off beat. I’d be here for her doing pre-taped performances for a special like abc. But if she doesn’t want to tour I get it. I do think it would be a different experience for her as a free woman. But I get why she wouldn’t want to. We support you in any decision you make Britney we love you. 

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She can do whatever makes her feel better. But I hope someday she will understand that don’t do it anymore bc  her family make them happy, it’s give them power, the power to take her creativity away and make her never again show it. Hope someday she understand the best way to make them pay (apart from justice) it’s rebirth in her own skin feel confident and powerful again in her life and in the stage .

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I'm grateful she's in a place where she has the power and choice to perform or not. She's free now after years of forced labor/trafficking and now she is healing. 

And of course we know she can change her mind if the stars align and it's what she wants, just like she did with HMC. :wink_britney_everytime_white: 

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