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Britney reels MUSIC playlist

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Who loves Britney music taste?

I love she appreciates new artists and dance to it and show us her good taste,

That Sauce song one is super cool, she post it so many times!

She posted Honest by JB that is his best song this year,

But... I'm grateful she presented me Channel Tres, I love his music!

She also likes that NAILS song that girl is opening for Florence + The Machine that is on tour now, loves it!



My choices:












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These sharing musics threads are the best! I love the Hollaback B itch song! Oshun is catchy too! Thank you for the insights!

I'm listening to this french singer's songs since two days and I'm obsessed!

"Everytime I tell myself that I am the prettiest and that helps me a little

I put red on my lips and blush on my eyes. I close the door, I say goodbye to everything I have

In case this is the end, you never know... And every night I wonder if he'll come back , I'm waiting for whoever wants to get me out of there..."

"In the whole garden, I'm the most beautiful flower. It's this bandit, the one I love who told me!"

"They say that the roses of the Bois de Boulogne have thorns. But we love, we forgive and stay worthy."

"A rose doesn't die

I will be back next spring

Bandit don't fade

Still wait and I'll be there

A rose doesn't die

Even if the winter seems too long

Bandit don't fade

Wait for spring, the first buds..."



No more searching, no more needing, I found you
It's nothing, all the harm that was done to me, I found you
I thought I knew all about love, but that's not true
See how beautiful we are in the same boat
And if you're in pain
You will find in my arms thousands of "I love you"

The lovers of the hill

And since Britney loves Indilla


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