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Britney could have been named the Princess of Wales today

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It wouldn't have worked. She would have needed to retire. She's already famous enough that she has connections and the ability to make an impact on the world, should she choose to, without marrying into royalty. I guess marrying a Prince worked out reasonably for Grace Kelly, but she was not able to act again, and I think that's a shame. She tried to do another film years later until the consensus in Monaco was that the character wouldn't reflect well on the country. I suppose it was worth it for Grace. Britney without dancing though doesn't make sense. 

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Just watched a video on Diana, she was royalty, but raised normal like you and me..

She went against protocol so many times to make herself approachable..


Before her, you weren't allowed to kneel to children, she did that so they wouldn't be intimidated, shaking hand's with patients with HIV, and being vocal about mental health, and fashion icon abd daring one, I guess Meghan took notice.


Cos one outfit Meghan wore matched s Diana outfit, the youth is saying oh she's sending a message..


The hatred of Harry, is so evident, it reminds of Charlie's treatment of Diana and him not wanting her to have the your, majesty title that was rightfully hers after their divorce..


Harry is definitely Diana son, but I wonder if the different rumor's are true, cos William looks like his father with his balding abd receding hairline.


And I guess in the millennials and gen z views charlie is st number 11, and their the ones that want the monarchy abolished..

Compared to the older generations that are mad at out VIEWS are not good on the queen..

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