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Re leaked messages of Sean Preston speaking negatively about Britney

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I am the OP of the Instagram @britneystan21 that posted the dms with Preston. I’m not sure why the other user posted about this as I already tried to make a post several hours ago and it was rejected. I also don’t know why the thread has been closed as this is a place for discussion and nobody is being hateful towards Britney, I’m not saying I believe Preston either. I just think people should be aware the situation is way more complex than it’s being made out to be. I also think Britney has a right to know what her son is saying to strangers on the internet. I’ll say this one last time.. it is NOT fake. I have posted video evidence on my story via Insta. 


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Stop posting the same thing and stop contacting minors.

Also why on earth are you trying to spread that Britney went at her sons with a knife? Are you trying to get the media to pick that up or something? Britney does not need this right now when she's trying to move forward with her life.

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