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What is Britney’s lawyer doing?

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With all the blatant smear campaign against Britney, even using her kids for their narrative, where is Matthew Rosengart? 

Team  Con is not fooling anyone and Its obvious that they’re pushing this narrative that Britney only got into this conservatorship because her family wanted to help her get better because of her “very public breakdown”.  When in reality, She wasn’t even qualified to be in one. They even had one of his sons say it from his own mouth. 

My question is,  where is Matty and where are the legal actions against team cons latest move?

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there isn't much rosengart (or her family lawyer) can do in regards to the federline smear campaign. i mentioned this in another thread, but there's a reason this interview was aired in a different country (besides the us probably wanting nothing to do with it). and that's because lawsuits in other countries is extremely difficult and often not worth the outcome. at this point the most her lawyers can do is send cease and deists, but all that is is a threatening piece of paper. if the recipient isn't scared of getting sued, then what good is the threat?

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Johnny Depp needed years to sue Amber heard for defamation (and win), these things take time.

Pretty sure anything team con does will bite them in the as$ eventually.

Honestly if I were one of team con's lawyers, I would not suggest doing any obvious smear campaign.


Let's be patient everybody.

And keep praying for Britney and support HMC. :)


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