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Why do all pop singers lip sync and only Britney is famous for it?

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1 minute ago, HisNameisChase said:

Looking back, it is crazy how Britney never got canceled for lipsyncing since it was from the record. I think most people excused it because her shows were top-notch, and so was the dancing.

Most people prerecorded vocals and were smarter about it

When MJ started lipsyncing, it was from the record too.

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Britney should've owned it. Her best answer was when she said sometimes it's impossible to sing live due to the dance routines. Her worst answer was "I always sing live." An out and out lie albeit Larry and Vegas probably told her to say it. Like others say MJ lipped too but during his prime when his dancing was still IT. Onyx had amazing performances plus minimal live vocals. Circus onwards kept the minimal to no live vocals but lost the great dancing. Lip syncing to Perfume and Alien and Lucky at POM was unforgiveable imo but then she was a prisoner so why would she make an effort? I wouldn't

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I remember this show back in the early 2000’s where Britney was walking somewhere before a performance and someone asked her about the vocals and she casually said it was playback. I was like :omggg_shocked_hand_old_lady_woman_surprised: I can’t remember what show it was or where to find the clip. I could care less if she lip syncs, she’s still amazing :shaking_shake_gold_yellow:

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What made it more obvious was that her live voice is so much deeper than the studio vocals. I’ve heard many singers that sing live that COULD have matched their studio vocals, Britney isn’t one of them. 

But I agree with the poster that said she should’ve owned it and blamed it on the dance routines, but she didn’t. 

I’ve also wondered whether sometimes, after the cship started, if maybe she actually thought she was singing live at times, but that doesn’t explain all the other obvious times.

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