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Britney’s sons Jayden and Sean hope for reconciliation despite the “emotional trauma we have been through“

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This is like the ultimate betrayal to Britney but I also feel like what he says sounds too mature for a 15 year old, it sounds more like someone who was coached by an adult. I do find it interesting that Preston is nowhere to be found, how bout let him speak for himself. 

Sorry, I know they’re still just teens but based on what we the public are being given, my sympathy for them dwindles more and more.

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4 minutes ago, HandleMyTruth said:

STOP saying they are just kids. At 16/17 most of us weren't that narcissist or stupid. At 16/17 you know what's good or bad. More this generation that is more mentally grown up than ours. :sipnstare_coffee_mug_tea_sipping_spilling_red:

as much as britney was abused, manipulated, and gaslit for 13 years, so were they. they were raised as pawns to use against britney. they were not raised in a loving home like they think they were. soon, they will realize this but only when they are able to get away from the federline's. jayden's "opinions" read like he's mimicking what his father told him to say. these kids lack real empathy and understanding because of the way they were raised. i don't think the kids should be getting blame for this, it's entirely kevin's fault for a) treating those boys has his meal ticket and b) allowing the spears to abuse and use them the same way they abused and used britney. our gut reaction as fans is to criticize whoever is criticizing our fav, but we have to take a step back here and realize these kids NEVER had a chance.

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Cut them off once they turn 18 :nyschool_new_york_miss_tiffany_pollard_preaching_telling_talking_hand:
You're not gonna live off of my hard earned money and talk **** about me to the whole world. Man, these people (including the delusional "kids") really don't know their place. I've said this in another thread and I'll say it again, don't bite the hand that feeds you!

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