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Britney’s sons Jayden and Sean hope for reconciliation despite the “emotional trauma we have been through“

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I hope that one day the boys grow up and learn more about this situation and get some perspective. I am so utterly disgusted reading that article which is trying way too hard to paint the Federlines as perfect while painting Britney as a failure as a parent. I can only hope one day Jayden understands how wrong he was to take part of this and how wrong his father was to set it up and allow it. Preston declined to take part which makes me wonder/speculate things. Either 1. he has written off his mother and doesn't want anything to do with her including discussing her or being associated with her in the public eye. Or 2. He is old/mature enough to start grasping the situation and realises that all isn't as it seemed and he doesn't want to partake in the smear campaign. Ultimately they are minors and Kevin is their caretaker so they don't have the power in this scenario. They are in an unenviable position as their father is parading their difficult relationship with their mother in the public eye. Whatever feelings they may have towards their mother, they must at some level understand this is wrong.

ALL of the issues they have with their mother are a direct result of the conservatorship abuse and parental alienation. They are victims along with Britney, because they have been robbed of a normal relationship with their mother, all for the greed of their father and every adult in their environment.

Britney really did her best with a horrible situation, of course she wasn't perfect, even if she had been in a normal situation she still wouldn't have been perfect, because she is a human being. It's not her behaviour or her mental illness that has alienated them, because in a normal situation they would have had a whole natural relationship with her and would have been able to comprehend her humanity and could have ultimately worked through any frustrations they had as a result of that. Britney made the ultimate sacrifice of her freedom out of love for them but they have no concept of what that actually means. Their mother was coerced to became a slave, with no rights, essentially stripped of her humanity and forced to work against her will... all for their benefit... and all the adults in their environment who could materially benefit took full advantage of that and lined their pockets while masquerading as loving family to the boys. 

When you are raised in a situation which is so incomprehensibly wrong and everyone around you normalizes it, that's a form of abuse or trauma in itself. The situation is bigger than them, they are simply pawns in it. Children need their attachment figures and will justify anything in order to maintain a connection with their attachment figure (Kevin). They couldn't have a normal attachment to their mother because of the situation, it's no surprise or wonder that they do not show her love or loyalty because they just don't have that kind of a relationship with her. That is not her fault, and it's not their fault either, but they all pay the price for that. I'm so heavy hearted with this situation. What a bittersweet freedom she has earned herself. She did everything in her power to make everything turn out for the best and she still wound up being served a **** pie. But her life is not over and she has many good years ahead of her. I hope she keeps her strength and looks towards the future. Her boys may never be able to have a normal relationship with her but she can still make the most out of her freedom and build a life that she can be happy with, even if it wasn't everything she dreamed of or everything she wanted. 

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Oh Mr. Jayden just had a whole lot to say I see...

It's so sad that they're both so brainwashed and stupid. Britney has talked over and over about the harsh treatment she was FORCED to take in that facility and they still don't give a *****.

What child would want their mother going through crap like that? As sons, even though they are very young, I would think they would be more protective of their mother.

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3 hours ago, Marcanthony said:

Brainwashed. Such a sad time. Britney did everything for them. Didn't put them on spotlight when they were growing up, visited their schools unlike every celebrity,even chose to speak with Kevin in those visits.


Britney doesn't deserve this.

Hell, I remember defending Kevin SO HARD during the BJ era because every week we had candids of Britney and David just chilling with Kevin and Victoria at the soccer matches, laughing and cheering on the boys.

Ooh, I spent way too many years giving that hillbilly the benefit of the doubt, he's trash.

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Brats:liar_red_mad_angry_anger_yell_slap: showing exactly how a father like Kevin would raise kids :heresthetea_reading_telling_glasses_talking_preaching_facts_paper_wendy_williams:

Everything he (or them) said about Britney seems what an adult tells them THEY think about her:tiffeyeroll_miss_ny_new_york_ms_annoyed_eyes_roll_eyeroll_irritated:

I do wonder if they ever asked their mom directly, or Britney as the only responsible adult in this dynamic, never told them what really happened with her "family" :wontcry_tears_crying_sad:

If they want to see JUST the pictures Britney posted but not the CLAIMS and long audios of her struggle, seems fishy to me :mhm_britney_nodding_yes_mhmm:

I hope Britney can restore the relationship when this BRATS grow up (hopefully they grow up) but idk about now and short term.

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