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The fact that britney is not promoting her craft

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She enjoys the process of recording and creating art and music. She has zero internet in the rest of it after being tortured to do it for 13 years. 

Yes it’s annoying but we have to deal with it and appreciate we even have 1 (now 2 with Sucker for pain) new songs when a month ago we didn’t know when we’d hear any music from her again. 

It’ll all come in time and when we least expect it - please be patient with her. Plus the song isn’t officially released so who knows what she’ll post the next few days 

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I know we all want the "old Britney" from her prime, but that's never going to happen again. Her life has changed and she's a different person because she's been through a lot. Part of that is she doesn't seem to want to promote her work. Good for her for doing what she wants finally.

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I dont think she has a team and manager to promote it, unlike Elton who his team is doing all this. Once shes officially back, things will change?

We also have to come to terms that Britney is in a new stage in her career. I see her as being someone like Cher, who randomly releases small projects from time to time, and being a sociallite on hollywood events simply for being an icon.

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She clearly doesn't have a team that is responsible for promoting it on social media like posting a snippet on her stories etc. Her way of promoting it w/ that ugly fan art looks very cheap and unserious tbh, I've never seen anything like this before but it is what it is, if that makes her happy :emma:

Be grateful you get anything :holduplisten_hold_up_listen_preach_telling_wisdom_wise:

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