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Madonna fans are saying cancel the UK, or F the Brits

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Ever since the OCC mid-week charts was announced that s manufactured pop band "Steps", which in Europe and definitely the k-pop industry is Known for manufactured bands..

But it's well known this really isn't a US thing..


Though Britney spears has been described as a manufactured pop star by haters and press..but that's a different discussion.


But while Madonna peaked at number two behind Sam Smith and Bruce Springsteen, nothing was loud but Steps, it's different this time,I feel it's because of the history of the band, Definitely very much spice girls, auditions and stuff, ok Twitter it's been a war, and very ignorant as a band like Steps have proven that their early music, wasn't there fault, they had no choice as it was contracts and stuff, Even Kylie Minogue, has said the Pete waterman thing, you give everything away, name and creative input as they own you, but nothing manufactured about my talent, even during that era where I had no control as I was signed to his label..


one thing that set Madonna apart was she was self made, a meme that can be described as ignorant as well


Said female artist with the big support system to help their career.


Whitney Houston with Clive Davis

Mariah Carey with tommy mottola

Celine Dion with rene Anglei


Madonna by herself, this has been called out as it basically said the men is why their popular, not their talent,but all agree Madonna definitely did it on her own. But having a team or support system isn't bad. 



But the whole thing of cancelling the UK over steps.



But like people said Madonna latest album is 24.99 on itunes and 29.99 on CD, it's very expensive, for a best of where steps is winning..



Which Forbes has said stop shading the 69, cents price, it's proven to be successful as people want to buy but the 1.29 price is proving to no longer work anymore..not even 99 cents..

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