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Nicki Minaj defends Britney Spears from Haters & K-FED: "Why can’t people let her be happy? She loves her kids more than life itself. Leave her alone"

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46 minutes ago, GirlOnTheMoon said:

here's everything she has said:

Copied from atrl

Live on AMP now - Direct Quotes of everything she said: 


  • Britney is the queen wish people would just let Britney be ******* happy.
  • "C*cksucker of the day" going to KFED.
  • A clown, imagine being a whole grown-*** man, and as soon as you see someone moving on, being free and feeling good in their own skin, to do the very thing that you know is going to attempt to break them down, going to the media... only cowards use the media against a famous person who they once loved and procreated with, that they're being taken care of by.
  • Using the persons fame as a constant gotcha moment and to think you're not going to have karma from it? Thinks its ok? Think people are going to feel sorry for you? 
  • That woman loves her kids more than life itself. As soon as you see people feeling strong, good, confident and happy and you don't have them by the ******* balls, you want to take your goofy *** to do an interview. How dare you encourage this woman's children to be a part of your nonsense.
  • And when they look back, they're gonna ask, why did we do this? They're kids, they don't now how detrimental this is. But you know, c*cksucker. Leave her the **** ALONE. 


She clarified that Britney did not invite Nicki to the wedding or at least she didn't see it, but she spoke to her a couple of days ago and she was "so sweet". 

This is the perfect list of reasons to stream Super Freaky Girl tonight so that Nicki’s song can reach #1 for her debut week. rn Nick #2 and is losing to Harry Styles bc she has no radio play. But the song is amazing…and there is still time to get Nicki to #1 this week. Bc obvs next week B and Elton are going to sweep the #1 spot

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